Natural Gas Prices Are Set To Soar? 🤔

Some experts say total natural gas demand is projected to trend higher (slowly) but is also currently expected to remain mostly below last year’s level and the November contract looks overvalued relative to near-term fundamentals and is also at odds with the latest spot price, however, some others say Some says the down cycle In Natural Gas has ended and Natural Gas prices are set to soar.

While volatility creates a paradise for trading

What do you think? Is natural gas should remain highly volatile over the coming weeks?


Natural gas prices are set to soar with the winter season coming. Demand will be up, so will production. Therefore the price will go up.


I’d say that natural gas will stay highly volatile for a couple of months, but maybe a bit less volatile than last 2 months.


Will remain highly volatile for the rest of the year, even though the upside in the price cycle is at hand; I wouldn’t venture to say that the down cycle has ended, it has only been exhacerbated by the COOVID situation.

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