Nasdaq was initially an acronym for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations - fact of the day :grin:

second only to the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) by market capitalization of shares traded.

Here is the place to discuss theories, tips, bubbles, Analysis and any other matter related to this!

What do you like about NASDAQ? why would you choose it over the NYSE/another stock exchange. How have your predictions been faring for this?

Lets get our chat on!


@Al_Wallace everyone loves Fact of the Day :heart_eyes: thanks, maybe we should add a section for daily talk something like that.

Re: Nasdaq, Pynksters can follow NASDAQ Composite related tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #IXIC

Tradingview :

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So fact of the day for today is I’m not sure I know enough facts for that :joy:


Would be great to hear Pynkster comments, as Nasdaq Composite is doubled up since Dot-Com Bubble and seems like the mother of all bubbles at the moment :sweat_smile:


so if thats the case and i definitely agree with you. That’s a bubble that is bound to burst. Be interested to hear what NASDAQ stocks they might invest in to avoid losing money during a crash.

I had a few thoughts, namely around discount retailers and supermarkets

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Guys I was charting around with tradingview and I just saw this very VERY important level we reached.
Just take into account this.
I find this level to be SUPERIMPORTANT.


Guys I just made a new NASDAQ (IXIC) TA considering we had few days ago the new ATH!