Moving Community from Telegram to Forum

Hi there, Community!!! :wave:

From the very beginning of Pynk, community has been an important part of whole Pynk ecosystem. Almost every Pynkster here has enjoyed the benefits of belonging to a friendly and dedicated community like Pynk has: interacting and helping each other has been a task made on a daily basis that many Pynksters enjoy using our main Telegram group.

However, Telegram is not always a friendly platform when a community raise in numbers and quality and it has been a persistent community members claim, the need for a change: a better place to share ideas and give feedback

That is the reason why we built this FORUM, thinking on community first. :muscle:

Being a better place to have a civilized discussion for our community Discourse forum was the answer of team Pynk to an evolved community needs: here we can help each others too, we can ask and give feedback, we can propose and dissent… in a more organized way. We can even joke!!! :crazy_face:

So, now that you have it in your hands:

  • what do you think about new Community home?

  • do you think it is better than Telegram to have a civilized discussion?

…waiting to hear your thoughts about this. Do not be shy and express yourself freely: you have a better place to do that now!


This place is far better than telegram and promotes health discussions other than KYC or some 5 USDT withdrawal :laughing:

The amount of work put into the development of forum indicates how important the crowd is to Pynk. Better days ahead. This is a milestone for Pynk and all Pynksters. On, on, on, we are matching on.


Yo Deyner! I like the Forum because in here we can discuss in depth every topic without the need to scroll up too much. Forum is the TOP option for this purpose.

On the other hand Telegram channel is very friendly and direct so it has its own purpose too…
Let’s say I like to use both of them for different moments and occasions on my “daily chart” :partying_face::joy::joy::joy:


Well said @deyner1984!

Pynk thrives on community, that much is apparent but I think what has become apparent through using telegram both for Pynk and other projects (are there other projects? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Quality is, almost without exception, better than quantity.

This will be the place where we will shape and build Pynk, a truly community driven, positive and powerful force for change.

I can’t wait to engage with you guys in our new home!


I agreed with @Tradelta. They have different uses. This new platform is awesome for more in depth discussions and getting to meet everyone on a more personal level. Topics are easy to follow and this forum is very easy to navigate. Telegram is nice for quick mentions that don’t really need to go in depth…but…I suppose that could be integrated here as well. I’m happy to be a part of this community and all of your hard work shows.


Love it. Ty . This will be much better


Would be great to see your charts at here too @Tradelta :trophy:


I will. I promise you, my friend!!
Just tell me what you like and I will provide some.
MISSION ENGAGED!! :sunglasses:
EDIT: I am actually thinking about the possibility of linking initially some video about chart analysis of BTC…i think i have all I need. As i have some time even NASDAQ and GOLD even if I never put hands on them this is intriguing to me.
Just let me know the place in the Forum where I can do this.
Maybe in the section created recently about BITCOIN, NASDAQ and GOLD?


That would be awesome :smiley: Ottimo!


I do find it slightly disappointing as there are lots of things that can be in telegram. On deeper thought I feel this is a good move. You have monetary authorities to report to, telegram is kinda free for all. It will be much more effective to be taking this step. We go where Pynk goes! 100% support for providing us knowledge and fun and in the future healthy profits :smiley::pray:


Thanks Boon, welcome to the forum.

Telegram has its uses but it’s just getting out of control with spam and people hoping for free money with no interest in learning what they are signing up for.

There will be none of that here. :grin:


Welcome @boon! It’s great to see you here.
You are such a big contributor on telegram,.With this new platform, I look forward to hearing from you.


Ooooooohhh…the Real Boonsniper!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Welcome maaaaaan!!:rocket::rocket::rocket:


Fantastic work getting the forum up and running Deyner :wave:. Just as others have expressed, Telegram has its place but now with the forum we can tap into the vast amount of knowledge and advice that you fellow Pynksters have to share :100:.
Exciting stuff for 2020 folks :tada:


Your and @Al_Wallace’s fantastic GIFs will be highly missed here though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @deyner1984, should we integrate GIF’s to the forum? I can start a Pynkster Petition for that :sweat_smile:


I’ll sign that Zack :grin:


Welcome here @boon!!! :wave:

Telegram is a great tool to start and provide some marvelous features to build a Community all by the price of $0. But, as some Pynksters already said, Telegram and Discourse have different use cases. To me, where Telegram path ends a Discourse road start. :wink:

At this stage of the Community development, a change was needed for the sake of Pynk as a successful startup and for the sake of the Community even. Discourse forums are the prefered ones for many fintech companies when dealing with the Community behind them: it is a clean and organized way to share knowledge and give support at the same time…We will love it as time goes on!!!

You are one of us mate!!!..So, be very WELCOME and enjoy new Community house!!!


Thanks mate!!! :pray:

I did(and still do :smiley:) my part regarding forum mate. It is my way to contribute Pynk to be a successful company and to help Community growth strong and safe of bounty hunters and quick bucks minded people :sunglasses:

New year will become full of great news and possibilities for Pynk and Pynksters…for all of us… that’s for sure. So we need to stay tune and stick together as one and we will see good changes in our lifes sooner than we expect to.

Pynk: from startup to a successful company to tech Unicorn to, finnaly…tech Kraken(do you know what a tech Kraken is… :face_with_monocle: :laughing:)


GIFs to the forum…? Do not know mate, perhaps is a good idea i know @Al_Wallace told me about a plugin to do that wich i can integrate of course but i think it is better to ask to Community.

What do you think…?

@Al_Wallace. @Tradelta. @ZackofPynk. @stackem @Think_Pynk @Thewseph @KarenM @kaabayahaya