Look out for end of year update, coming soon

Hi All,

Just wanted to give a quick heads up to let you know @seth will be posting an end of year update on all things Pynk here very soon :eyes:

Wishing you all Season’s greetings.



Thank you Mark! Even this year I enjoyed a lot all the contents and all the improvemnts you all brought into the platform and into this community forum!!

Wish the same to you!!! :muscle::unicorn:


…It’s good news though, right…? Cause 2020…(?) …We’re not out yet!

“For when you thought surely things couldn’t possibly get any worse…there’s 2020 to remind you: ‘yes; they can. Look! Something terrible right here in fact!’”


There have been many changes, updates and improvements to Pynk over the year. So glad to be a part of it!


Thanks @Think_Pynk, I believe This year has been eventful and there are a lot to be happy about. Looking forward to the update. Cheers :pray:t5:


Can’t wait!!.. I’m sure some great news on the way

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