Latest News! - New website launched...give feedback!

Drums roll, please!!! :drum:

We are excited to announce you the launching of our brand new redesigned website at

A great project deserves a great website and this is what our friends from Team Pynk have brought to us.

Combining simplicity with excellence and modernity with usability, new website show us the benefits of being a Pynk investor while giving us valuable info about the whole startup/project.

Go check it out, amaze yourself and return here to spread some love giving us your valuable review or opinion about our new redesigned website…an amazing website as required by our Community!!


It’s great to see a fresh, new look on the website. Great start to the year and very much looking forward to what’s coming in 2020. If the new website is an indication then we are in for a great year! :heart_eyes:


It looks cool and modern. Great colour combinations and precise information. Suitable for all.

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I love it! It is fast,intuitive and immediate for the most important things one could ask about the project.
WELL DONE!!!:chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::heart:


From the website I don’t understand what I am going to invest to?
Stocks? Crypto? Start ups?
“Pynksters the world over provide insight into all types of investments.”
If I won’t be already in the beta, I would just leave such site, as I don’t understand what is it trying to sell to me.
" We charge investors 0.12% per month."
So I guess there will be a market place on pynk, or where this charge will be taken from? Any data on investment returns so far?

If I put my money here, where it will go to? What will it be used for? If there is any article explaining this, please let me know.
Thank you and my apologies for being slow in understanding :relaxed:

Regarding the website layout, indeed, it is very attractive.

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Hi Marek,

If you don’t understand it - then it means the new site isn’t working and we have more work to do on it! Honestly the Pynk model is a little complicated at first to get your head around. Let me try clarify; there are 2 side to the coin. On one side the Crowd make price predictions and forecasts and feed the Crowd Wisdom and AI, these Pynksters are rewarded every quarter with shares. On the other side of the coin are investors; they invest their money into the fund and are customers of Pynk - so we charge 0.12% per month on fees to this group. If you want you can be on both sides of the coin I.e make price predictions and invest extra money on top.

Is that clear now?



More info - when you invest money, it is invested into the Pynk portfolio on your behalf. This portfolio allocation is diversified across asset classes according to Crowd Wisdom system insight and our team of financial experts. The allocation is being worked on now but it includes precious metals, stocks, bonds, commodities, energy, btc, cash, energy.


Let me know if any more questions or suggestions, that’s what the community is here for :v:


Thanks for the feedback @Marek and welcome to the Pynk community!

Sometimes people can be a bit shy to give feedback, especially when it’s not all positive but, honestly, as long as it is constructive and gives the team something to consider and, potentially, change or improve then it is very valuable indeed.

So thanks and I hope @Think_Pynk cleared up some of your questions.


Welcome to the community @Marek. As you can see by the responses you received over your concerns, that this is a great forum! Read some of the topics to get a feel for what it’s all about and add your valuable input. Stick around. You won’t be disappointed.! You also have the ability to create a new topic and when you see the ‘introduce yourself’ section, please share a little about yourself!


Thank you Mark @Think_Pynk, this is the info I needed.
Will look forward to learning more about allocation and re-balancing (I believe such info will be available to shareholders).

Maybe you could consider to put some sentence under Investing -> Learn More. Something like: our investment portfolio includes this and that and Pynksters are part of / help with …

In the future I’d love to see also the past performance of the fund. Maybe as an addition to the Invest in Tomorrow sliders.

That’s all from my side as a feedback to the new website.

@Al_Wallace, KarenM thanks. Indeed, so far so good.


@Marek’s response and @Al_Wallace’s response prompted me to respond with something I’ve been thinking a lot about. One of the things that Pynk could use to attract people’s attention is a clear and concise statement about the problem or opportunity Pynk is a response to. [Excuse me for going to remedial business concepts. It’s just one I’m not having a lot of success communicating to people about Pynk yet.]

Everyone here, I think, sees the opportunity in Pynk. But how do you make it catchy?

This page is the opportunity to create a mindworm that reminds people over and over about why they want to be a part of and stick with Pynk. My limited marketing mind has come up with: The opportunity to save for the future outside if a pension or employer retirement account, with zero to minimal risk, in a fun and social environment.

Perhaps this is specific to the prediction/forecasting beta crowd. However, I think the majority of the crowd come from a place where they might have little to no long term investment fund or would like to find a way to accelerate their pace to financial independence (or retirement).

This is no way meant to detract from what is on the website. What’d I’d recommend is speak directly to our audience’s desires first. Then, speak to what Pynk offers with the content that is here refined with some of the specifics @Marek has suggested.


The site looks awesome and very advanced.
But few things seem like they could be better, part with sliders and 10 year investment seems very overwhelming/unnecessery (maybe just remove it completely or explain people why you have put that in, it does look very cool).
In pricing part you should maybe stress even more that price predictions are free by putting somewhere a bold number 0 and you pay only if you invested money.
Also the picture with 2 guys with capes doesn’t seem fitting, I know it is probably connected with super-human part but those 2 are kids and someone could be thinking there is a lot of kids in Pynk crowd.