Is investing a good way to save money?

Recently came across and article where author was debating if investing, short, mid or long term was a good way to save money. Saving money and investing money are entirely different things of course, they have different purposes and play different roles in our financial strategy. :money_mouth_face:

However some people think that not investing at all can cost you a lot more money than losing a little money on a bad investment. That´s why some people venture to invest what they have saved to try to increase that balance always having in mind the risk involved.

For me, invest to save money and invest what i have saved to try to multiply balance are very different things. Investing what I have saved over years is not a clear option for me, given the risk involved in losing all of our investment(our savings) due to a single bad decision :disappointed_relieved:…still i have met people who think otherwise. So, without giving any investment advice here please :slight_smile:: do you think that investing is a good way to save money or not, regardless of investments risk?

When investing, capital at risk


Hi Deyner! I always thougth that investing in mid long term projects is the best way to save and at the same time increase the account balance no matter what. Keeping the money in the banck account does not grow by any mean the purchase power so…i agree with



I think we need to do both. To me, saving is putting money in a safe place to go towards a goal. It could be a large purchase or emergency fund. You won’t earn much for most savings options, but you know that money will be there when needed.
Investing can be riskier in that you can lose it all. But you stand a much better chance of gaining on your investment as long as you invest wisely, pay attention to your funds and make adjustments when necessary.


Investing is a great idea to save money and should be used more.
One of the reasons why it’s great is that you probably can’t instantly or in the same day get investment back in cash so it’s harder to compulsively buy something unnecessary with money you saved.
That’s already saving you money even if the investment breaks even :joy:
There is sometimes an option to round up transactions when paying with card and that extra money goes to your investment, great if you have trouble putting money aside yourself.


I think over long term, not investing and simply saving will devalue any capital you have put away.

It’s really not an option these days where your purchase power is shrinking faster than any interest gains due to inflation.

£100 10 years ago would only be worth about £71 now, unsustainable yeah?

So yes @deyner1984, I think investing is definitely better than saving, as long as you don’t lose more than 29% as in the above example over 10 years that is :grin:


If I did invest the money in any random asset rather than saving, the maximum money I could lose is only 100% but if I just save the money for a long time and thought to invest at a moment then the loss would be infinite times more than the maximum loss from investing early before. Just like saving $10K since 2010 and buying bitcoin in 2020 or still saving that 10K.:joy:. So, investing is a good idea than saving, I think.


According to personal finance gurus, once you have paid off all your personal loans and built up an emergency fund covering at least six months of your living expenses, you should invest all your surplus money. I wholeheartedly agree.

If you diversify your investments, ideally with some thought put into it (e.g based on geography) and into at least 20-30 different assets, than a risk of long-term loss is minimal. 7-8% returns are easily and safely possible, even when just sticking to mutual funds or even better ETFs.

So yes, in today’s zero interest rate environment, you are robbing yourself by not investing.

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