Investor Wallet Chart - #Co-Create

Hi everyone! :wave:

With the Investor Wallet soon approaching, I wanted to get feedback from the community that does it so well.

I feel it may be missing a few vital bits of information, and where best to get it from than you!

Points to note:

So the two main bits of information we wanted to get across was the Performace since the portfolio inception (blue line) and the Performance when you started investing in that portfolio (green line).

The button located at the bottom left-hand corner is an information button explaining certain features of the chart.

The button located in the bottom right-hand corner lets you view the chart statistics in days, weeks, months and years.

We would love for you to share your ideas with us so we create a chart that suits you :smiley: #co-create.

Many thanks.


Disclaimer: For illustrative purposes only. When investing your capital is at risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results.


@Daryl I suggest not only showing the Performance since inception and Your investing performance percentages, but when viewing the chart statistics in days, weeks, months, years, it would be great to show the performance percentages of such specific periods :slightly_smiling_face:
If possible, might as well include other performance figures like volatility, drawdown, and Sharpe ratio as considered for the Fund Manager screen. Presuming that the Wallet will perform well, those will be great selling points.


Nice!!! I like it very much!!! Keep improving!!!


Maybe add a comparison with a major Index such as DJI on the same period.


How about adding a Watch List and Compare option? :thinking: that’ll help a lot of investor to check and compare different assets​:wink:


Hi Ematz, thanks for your feedback it’s much appreciated. We will definitely have a look at this, having the ability to see how other assets are comparing would be super helpful.


Hey Mosigman,

Performance lines like volatility, drawdown etc. are an excellent idea. We’ll look into a feature where users can turn this on or off so we don’t cause too much congestion on the chart :+1:

Thanks for the feedback!


It looks great! Nice and clean. Keep it simple.


Hi! You are creating a great thing! Somewhere here I saw a text telling that the maximum proportions of each asset class in each individual wallet are fixed, for instance the max proportion of the digital assets being i.e 10%. How is this rule actually applied? If the proportion of a certain asset class grows bigger due to the rise of the price of this asset, is the owner of this wallet forced to sell? Or does this rule apply only in case you want to buy more?


And I have got another remark. I personally miss a lot in my manager wallet a view where I can see, what is the average price of the asset that I have paid. And I am also quite annoyed that the percentage of the value growth of each asset reflects the historical growth. I miss a view where the growth of the value of presently existing asset in my wallet is depicted.


Maybe add somewhere info of the actual amount invested.
If I would be putting money on a regular basis (e.g. monthly), besides performance it would be good to see also the sum of money I have put in…

Not sure if I understand the provided screenshot - Performance when you started investing in - I guess the green line shall start from 0%?


I agree very much with Carlos! It would be very useful and interesting to keep track record of the progress!


I am glad by this information


Welcome to the community @lyfizbeautiful. So glad you found us. Please read some of the many topics of discussion. There is much to learn and please share your thoughts.


Thanks for this information. We are patiently waiting for launch. Great job guys.

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Hi @viirpuu picking up your suggestions here. Thanks for that!

It’s noted and great feedback. We will plan for an update of the performance figures! It’s not scheduled for development yet as we have, next to the investor wallet, some other exciting features coming up.

Dirk from Product


Hi @Marek, thanks for your remarks. This will certainly be shown to you. The screenshot above is just a subset of the entire portfolio experience.

You will see for example

  • Available balance
  • Pending balance (money which you invested but is still processing)
  • Your annual return
  • Fees you pay (0% if you are actively predicting)

Dirk from Product


@Tradelta @mosigman great suggestion. We will put it on our feature backlog and look at it soon!

Dirk from Product


Looks pretty good! It would be convenient if tools for building price analysis for the future were added. And prices from ROSE AI were disclosed for Pynksters in wallet. :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


Hello, I have a question regarding pynk’s investors wallet. Should I re-verify KYC to invest?

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