Introducing Discobot: learning by example!

Hi everyone here! :wave:

Maybe you are an old and active Pynk Community Forum user :older_adult:…or maybe not. Perhaps you are a newcomer trying to find the right way to learn and interact better in Community. The truth is that Discourse forums(like ours) provide a set of tools quite useful to develop a “more civilized discussion” between community members but sometimes those tools are underutilized or widely unknown in most cases even for elder users here. :disappointed:

That’s why Discourse creators have added a feature allowing you to take some tutorials once you become a forum member. By using this feature you will learn some basics regarding Discourse Forums.

Discobot is a friendly bot inside forum which gives a warm welcome to every new user arriving to the forum for the very first time.

This is the first thing you must have seen when logging in for the first time…Discobot in action!

If you clicked on that first notification, you must have came across a warm welcome message…from Discobot. But Discobot is more than a friendly bot: it can walks users through different tutorials explaining how the site works. The goal here is to teach people Discourse by inviting them use Discourse, interactively replying to a PM in the same way you’d reply to a real person.

Wanna know how to take one of those awesome tutorials? Let’s go!

Step 1

Once you are logged in go to your avatar(top right corner) and click on it, then click on the gear icon and select the “Summary” submenu.


Step 2

Now you are in your “User profile” section. Just select the “Messages” yellow button and then select “New Message”…a new message editor panel will open at the bottom of forum.

Step 3

Now add “discobot” (without quotes) as the user you want to start a private conversation. Write anything you want in the “Subject field” and finally write in the body of the message the following sentence: "start advanced tutorial" (without quotes).

A new private thread (just visible to you) will now open and you will be talking to Discobot in the same way you’d reply to a real person. This time Discobot will walk you through a simple but advanced tutorial teaching you how to use some tools which can effectively improve you user experience inside Community.

Discobot will simply ask you to do something on the private thread and once correctly done it will move on to the next step till the end of the tutorial. Once finished the interactive tutorial, Discobot will issue the following certificate for you, proving that you effectively pass the test:

This is mine, as an example.

Do you dare to pass the tutorial? Want to know in a simple way how to use some handy tools here inside the community? Great! :+1:

Show us here, as a reply to this thread, your awesome Advanced User Certificate so the rest of the users here can know that you passed the test and now know better how to use the tools the forum gives you to develop an effective and civilized discussion.


I did this back in Dec '19…seems like so long ago!


Here is mine


Congratulations @KarenM and @kaabayahaya :confetti_ball: on taking and passing the test. As you can see it is simple, but it teaches you some things that otherwise you would not have had the opportunity to know. It’s pretty straightforward but funny and instructive at the same time!