Introduce yourself!👋

Hi Pynksters!!!
I’m Nicolò, one of early Pynk investors. I discovered it thank to Purple Hat, in the person of Gianluca.
I’m following Pynk successes till the beginning and i’m really proud of the team, of the project and how the things are moving forward.
Pynk has a huge potential and we are discovering it day after day, prediction after prediction.
Global financial inclusion project like this must to be support and developed to have the chance to change the model of personal investments in the world (and we need to do this as the actual one is not working at all).


Hey peeps :wave:

I’m Seth and I’m obsessed with ongoing learning to improve my life and sharing whatever I learn so other people can improve their own lives.

I see broken systems everywhere I look, along with seemingly obvious solutions and get frustrated that too many of them are getting worse rather than better.

I’m a dad first and foremost. Those two things combine to make me almost Hulk-like when it comes to our education system. So if you don’t want me to bore you, don’t mention it :slight_smile:

The same goes for politics - I think most of the traditional parties are obsolete and we pretty much need to start again when it comes to government, business, education, finance and more. Tweaking things isn’t going to cut it.

I’m into all kinds of fitness and sports… just signed up to a 145-mile run next year (I’ve done Iron Man triathlons and 100-mile non-stop runs before). Mainly for the mental challenge. As well as yoga, meditation, working out, and any snow or water sports.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur since… well since the age of 8 when I had a video games arcade in my dad’s garage. And I’d say I’m one of the oldest digital natives around as I was spending 5 hours a night online using services like Compuserve and Prestel while my parents were sleeping back in 1984 (until my dad got a £3,000 phone bill due to dial-up charges and nearly spontaneously combusted).

I’m a Pynkster because I’ve seen too many people find themselves in serious difficulty due to financial illiteracy (often despite being very capable numerically and in business). I’m doing this for myself and my loved ones and so anyone else can do the same.

And because nobody else is going to improve things for us. We have to fight for our right (to party)… Seriously… We really do have to be the change we want to see in the world.

Let’s build a new, better way of investing. A new, better way to build businesses. And new, better ways to solve all kinds of problems. Together!


Hi Pynk fellows :wave:. I’m Nuno from Portugal. I’ve heard about Pynk on CH and love community spirit of Pynk.
Great to be here. Thanks for the invite :+1:


Thanks for the invite. My name is Terry and I’m from the USA.


Hello to all pynk community, my name is Matan, i’m writing poetry and lyrics, And testing IoT and blockchain tech in my spear time. Thanks for the invite… happy to be here!


Hello to all my fellow Pynkster.
My name is Muhammad and my living status is right now quite complicated . :smiley:
Again my occupation is complicated which i will update sooner.

First of all, I would like to share that i love technology and try my best to keep an eye on every new tech.
When i joined Pynk, I felt like i have joined another crypto project but then i read there whitepaper which open my eyes and since then i was more into this project. Since i joined Pynk i stopped looking for other projects because I think “This is It”.


Thanks Muhammad and welcome to our new forum. Great to have you here and I couldn’t agree with your comment more. This is it!


:point_up_2:what he said :smiley:

Couldn’t agree more Seth. For what it’s worth I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the education system. I’ve clashed with it many times in my life fighting for my daughter who has struggled to find a place in the education system due to some challenges she has.


Hey Nuno, I also got here through CH and so glad Al posted that task. Pynk is a great community.


Hello Pynk World :wave:

This is Zack of Pynk.

As many of the Pynksters inside the Community, I’m a super-hero too! :man_superhero:

I’m with Pynk Movement since Q4 2018 as one of the Co-Founders and Growth Hacker of things and I can describe myself with Father of two :children_crossing:, Husband, Star Wars Fan and I can speak fluent Geek if I have to and yes I won the Super-Predictor title 6 months in a row :trophy: @Think_Pynk :sweat_smile:

Here at Pynk Community, I’ll be excited as much as anyone to start a great community all together from scratch. We tried our best in Telegram and Facebook Group before however, Pynk Community deserves the best so here we are ready to Rock!


Welcome mate! Was that a typo that you ‘speak fluent geek’? :joy: Good one either way!


Ha! No but I’m also a typo king :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You should see my Turkish :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Greg and I’m from Wales (UK’s best bit, stuck out to the west :grin:), been around this planet for a while now and seen the worst and the best of life and believe me, it never ceases to amaze how people overcome and succeed in adversity.
Helping out where you can, even if it seems pretty trivially at the time, may change things remarkably in the long run {so say confusious :rofl:}
This is where my involvement with Pynk comes in … better together, because no one’s as smart as all of us :hugs:.


Well, your outlook on Pynk certainly isn’t complicated.:blush:. Hope your living and employment situations get to where you want to be.


Welcome @Berry! :wave:

Glad to have an early Pynk investor around! We are really proud of our awesome team, wich gives the best everyday to achieve the global financial inclusion goal that we need and people deserves.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy this new Community home we are building all together :muscle:


Hi @monette1, welcome to the Pynk forum. Thanks for sticking with us as we try to get US Pynksters full access. You guys are such an important part of our community!


Hi People! My name is Stefano…Steez for my friends. I am a 38yo young man from the Italian peninsula :smiley:

I live with my wife, my two kids, a dog, two cats, two fishes, 5 or 6 shrimps inside a glass sphere and 5 plants.
Let’s say I love living crearures. :joy::joy::joy:

I am a superfan of Pynk platform since @deyner1984 introduced it to me some time ago!!
By the way…thank you Deyner it has been a joy to be in this community so far. :facepunch: BUMP!

My main interests are Self-Mastery, blogging, trading, talk about funny things and doing stupid jokes.

I have a blog on coil platform wich you can find here where i use “Michele Lancia” as my pseudonym.

My Pynk name is Criptoitatrade and you can find me on Twitter as @Tradelta

I also love to explore things i don’t know and delve into them. I’d like to become a Space Explorer when I’ll grow up!! :joy::joy::joy:

See you around people!!
Best wishes for your Nostradamus’s predictions :metal::smiley::facepunch:


Hello all,

My name is Maurice (Carapthian). I am a business unit director at a multinational company and I live and work in Hungary.

My ambition is to retire at the age of 55 and to have enough capital by than to do what I enjoy doing. For this I am continuously looking for good investment vehicles, which is why I ended up with Pynk.

The road to early retirement I describe in my website: and also Pynk is featured here. I am happy to be part of the Pynk project in an early stage and look forward to see this grow.

All the best,



Love your site Maurice, v cool :clap:


I’m Matt, a Virginian slowly converting to Californian for the past 13 years. I live in the SF Bay Area with my wife and 11 mo old son.

By day, I work as a healthcare professional. By choice, I am studying UX Design, am infatuated with Human Centered Design, and striving to commit my life to contributing to the greater good. I kind of stumbled into Pynk, without having any huge expectations. Initially, the pynk paper caught my attention. It’s well written, and spoke to me in a way that no other financial service has in my life. I decided to commit to the prediction tool way back when it was an alpha product. Pynk has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I am truly excited by the potential this product has to change the face of investing as we know it (#CrowdInvesting, w00t!).

At the risk of sounding over-idealistic, I believe Pynk is at the forefront of a series of upcoming waves which will lead to more democratic distribution of money, power, and other resources. I am even more committed to Pynk because it aligns with my hopes for the future I want to build.