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Here you can introduce yourself to Community members: who are you, why are you here and what do you expect from Pynk are some questions you can answer to start.

Pynk is all about Pynksters: people like you and like me…so don’t be shy and tell us the story of your life: we want to know you better!


Hi there!:facepunch:

My name is Deyner and i am a cuban tech guy who has been in loved of Tech and Internet world since day 1 :smiley:

I am a loving father and husband working in IT world for more than 11 years till now.

I discovered Pynk several months ago and i decide to take my chances in something that i found entertaining and even funny just to find myself deeply involved with the Community, the predictions stuff…and more techie things on the road.

I have learned a lot since i join Pynk but most important to me is i have found a supportive Community of people just like me: a regular guy tangled in day to day life stuff. I’ve made friends and have learned from them there is a world beyond our limits and that financial freedom is possible if we collaborate each other on a daily basis…Pynk is all about this and it is all about us.

Btw, i am the guy behind this forum’s techie stuff. So i hope you like and enjoy it and that be helpful for you. Hope you find here the answers for every question you have and that becoming one of us bring something nice to your life.


Deyner! We appreciate all your hard work on this forum. Your love for Pynk shows in the care that you’ve taken to put this all together. I look forward to continuing this journey with you brother.


Hi Pynksters :star_struck:

I’m Al (that’s AL not A.l.) For those of you who have been with us on telegram in the past you will be well used to my ramblings by now :rofl:

I believe in two things (well, i believe in lots of things but two that are relevant to this post :wink:)

  1. ’every day is a school day’ - what do i mean by that? Well i think every day there are choices and chances to chooose what you do with your time. chances to educate yourself or learn something new. To see things from other peoples side. Life is for learning and the day you stop is a sad day indeed my friends.
  2. the power of people think of all the great things we’ve achieved in the world when we work together, cured diseases, fought against fascism and discrimination, put a man on the moon. I could literally give examples all day long. Here at Pynk we’ll work together to make things better in our own way through the worlds very first totally inclusive financial investment unicorn. :unicorn:

I cant wait to experience the ride with you guys :raised_hands:


Hi :wave: Pynksters I’m Rupert,

I’m one of the pink jackets here at Pynk and you can often find me on the road telling people Pynk.

My official title is COO but really here at Pynk everyone muck’s in so that will mean one day I’m working on UX/UI the next it’ll be regulations!

I live in West London with my two kids, wife :family_man_woman_girl_boy: and dog :dog2:

My specialty is entrepreneur life, pitching/public speaking and new business opportunities so if you have any questions that I can help with please feel free to reach out.

Rock on :metal: guys!


Mark here, co-founder of Pynk and part of marketing team. I guess some Pynksters have seen my name on social and blogs…my passions are my family, I have a 2 year old son, golf (played all my life and learned from my grand parents on Scottish side of the family), economics, tech, and building business models that better serve the world we live in today…very excited to build Pynk with our amazing community :+1:


hey people im Sergio Benros can folow me in tiwter @BenrosSergio i use to publish price prediction’s. videos about trading what im doing and why and Airdrop’s


My name is Karen. I first learned of Pynk from Al_ Wallace when he posted a task on Crowdholding. I’ve been hooked ever since! (Thanks Al) Being from the US, I don’t get all the benefits but I’m patiently waiting for that day to come. Meanwhile I do check in every day and I’m learning and contributing. I’m happy to be a part of the community.


Welcome @syvb01 to our forum. Many people worked very hard to make this happen so that our very best Pynksters would have a home. I hope you enjoy. You are most welcome here :handshake:


You’re very welcome Karen and it’s me who should be thanking you! the very fact that you are one of the very first Pynksters to be on-boarded to our new forum is testament to what an important part of our community you have become in such a short time. Good to have you with us. :fist_right: :fist_left:


Pynk Power :gift_heart: you are also very welcome.


Welcome @syvb01 :wave: !!!

Our forum is brand new as you can see, but i am sure with people like you we will grow up together very soon! Hope you like it and enjoy and together we can learn a lot, share experiences and ideas about trading and investing world in a more general way. Hope that this new experience with our community may be helpul to you!!! :pray:


Hello @KarenM :wave:

Glad to have you onboard!!! Thanks to @Al_Wallace for posting that Crowdholding task wich bring us many awesome Pynksters like you!

You are from the USA and we know you cannot enjoy all the benefits Pynk provides at this stage, but we are working harder to get things done and our USA user base will soon enjoy all benefits, as Pynksters from the rest of the world does :+1:

Meanwhile be very Welcome here and enjoy our new community site!!!


Thank you Deyner. I know you all are working very hard behind the scenes .Glad to be here.


Hi, I’m JonPynkster and it’s great to have a place where the community can ‘chew the fat’ (just talk) on all things Pynk.Ai.

The most encouraging aspect about this community is that you’re not judged and will never feel lost or excluded… We’re all Pynk underneath and that is a powerful concept, but also a biological fact ( unless you’re from Saturn or Jupiter , which is also kool).

As for me, well I enjoy predicting as it’s a way of attempting to connect with the past, present and the future. I am a dreamer and foolishly believe that we’ll be living amazing lives in the future where material wealth is no longer an objective as our collective intelligence surpasses the need to acquire personal effects to feel financially and emotionally secure.

So , that’s why I’m a Pynkster… Because together we’re stronger.


Thanks for that @JonPynkster and welcome to the Pynk forum. You’re right we’re stronger together and social investing will be the ultimate example of that I’m the future. Together we’ll analyse, discuss and decide upon investment opportunities to create wealth for ourselves and those around us!


Thanks Al, you’re always first to reply :+1:.
I am glad to be in such an influencial group. Well ,we’re heading in the right direction! 2020’s going to be a rollercoster for Pynk, I guess
Love Pynk☺


Hello and thanks for the invite. I am from Scotland with a background in ops management and a fascination for all things tech. I am really excited to see how the Pynk community develops in the future and am sure that great things can be achieved. Well done so far team. Cheers, Andrew


Welcome :wave: and thank you @Andy55 for such a kind words! We work harder to improve our Community day by day. We are sure that counting on with people just like you our Community will become stronger and we will be able to achieve great things wich will improve life for everyone here and will change the way investment is made forever :muscle: