INPUT REQUESTED - Let's learn about our crowd together - July User Research Project

Fellow Pynksters, I’ve just finished a User Research class that I completed in pursuit of a User Experience Design career, and I want to put this new knowledge to work immediately. :books::nerd_face:

So who wants to help with an experiment? :woman_scientist: :man_scientist:

Here’s the idea: Monthly research projects on Pynkster’s crowd experience (from within the Pynkster crowd). started just days after the launch of Pynk Beta 2.0 :rocket: :rocket:

In the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, each month’s study will be co-designed by the crowd. To keep this month simple, July’s input is a vote on two options: a Satisfaction Survey, or a User Diary Study.

Before getting right to the survey, I’ll explain these two options.

Satisfaction Survey - [Links to Survey Monkey - Surveys 101]: Somewhat self explanatory - I’ll design a survey to examine the crowd’s satisfaction on the Pynk Beta upgrades. Questions will focus on the new designs, functions and features of the new beta to help build insights into the crowd’s likes and dislikes regarding the upgrade.

User Diary Study - [links to Nielsen Norman group’s Diary Study description]: In a user diary, volunteer Pynksters would track their use of the Pynk beta each time they sign into the app or website for one full week. I would create a diary template to send to volunteers, which would include the below categories for data collection:

  • Time logged in
  • Time logged out
  • Intended purpose for logging in
  • Ability to complete the intended purpose
  • Satisfaction level (scale 1-5)
  • 1-3 feeling words describing your experience

If you vote for a diary study method, please be willing to also volunteer to participate in the diary study. A diary study is much more time intensive than a survey for participants and researchers. If we complete a diary study, we need enough committed volunteers to make it meaningful.

For either method, I’ll share the results, and we’ll discuss implications regarding crowd suggestions to the design team, and to decide on August’s research project.

So, Pynksters, what’ll it be? Give us your answer below. This survey will close Sunday July 12th at 11:59 PM PST (west coast, North America).

  • Satisfaction Survey - “Let’s start small and keep this first study very manageable”
  • Diary Study - “Let’s go big! I want to know more details about how are we using and experiencing the new beta!”

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I am here for you @Thewseph!! Let’s go! :rocket:


While I love the idea of a diary study… it might be better when we are more familiar with the system :thinking:

This is a great idea and well done on your continuing education!


Great ideas @Thewseph. I agree with @KD8482 about

The new version has so many more features and is more involved and bugs are still being worked out. Let’s start with a simple survey. (Of course, of you go big with the diary, I will participate)


Agree with @KD8482 and @KarenM, at this stage I think it’s better to measure satisfaction levels. In a month’s time, when we’re been completely familiarized with the new version, the diary study should yield better data :nerd_face:


Hi , the diary study hands down. Im a go big or go home ! lol

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Welcome to the community @scerny78. I see this is your first time posting here. Check out the site and please share your thoughts. Show us what ya got!!!

This made me laugh out loud, I like your moxie!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Great discussion so far everyone. This discussion is exactly why I chose to get crowd input. So I’m not just making decisions of what we should research, we can all steer the direction of this experiment. “None of us are as smart as all of us.”

Thanks for being willing to try this thing out. Final day for input coming tomorrow!


Results are in. Satisfaction survey it is!

Again, I loved reading the input. As the poll creator, I held back a bit in this conversation. It did bring up a couple things I wanted to mention here at the end of the poll.

User Research is a systematic way of getting to know how users use, interact, think, and feel about a particular product. Ideally, the future state of this experiment will make feedback and revisions of updates more efficient. That was the main case for the diary study option, “hit the ground running,” so to speak. Thanks for being willing to voice that opinion @scerny78!

On the other hand, I was leaning toward the satisfaction survey myself. Mainly with the same ideas behind @KarenM’s, @KD8482’s, and @mosigman’s comments, start small, build momentum and traction. Future projects can go big. So the majority of energy is behind this. So let’s get it rolling.

I’ll outline and create the survey, and it should hopefully be up by this weekend. In the meantime, please respond with any questions you might like to see on it!


Im excited and can’t wait .

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This is very exciting!

I look forward to seeing the questions… maybe the diary can include prompt questions too when you get there? Best of all worlds!

Will the survey be yes/no, 1-10 or open questions? A combination of? :slight_smile: I was just thinking of potential questions and immediately hit a road block! :see_no_evil:


A combination of 1-10, multiple choice, and open questions. Be aware I might revise or reformat questions to have continuity across the survey.

Will post a loose outline in a bit too, bit busy here today.


Hi @scerny78, while we wait for this to happen, why not check out the community and share your thoughts on some of the many interesting topics of discussion. We’d love to have your input.

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