If you had invested $100: what would you have today?

Following @ZackofPynk interesting topic about Total Returns over years on traditional assets like S&P 500, Gold an others; i want to share with you two charts i´ve found. The first one show us what would your investments be worth today if going back in time and invested $100 into a handful of great companies when they first went public:

*Source: https://howmuch.net

The second one deals with the Return of Investment since Exchange listing of several cryptocurrencies:

*Source: https://bitcoinist.com

Basically both charts shows you how much could you have today if invested only $100 in early days of stocks and several cryptocurrencies.

Both charts are quite interesting from my point of view. The first one shows that, surprisingly, tech stocks aren’t historically the best IPOs. While some people think that the future is a forced technological future(and i am sure it will be) regarding investment practices and ROI point of view, traditional companies dealing with non-tech side of things like Nike, Walmart and Coca-Cola have shown the best ROI for years but there is a clear winner here: Bitcoin.

With a high ROI and awesome performance over years, BTC has proved to be a true fighter among world class assets. Even in its own world Bitcoin has displaced most of other cryptocurrencies not only since its inception but from Exchange listing times too.

Teaching here for me is that portfolio diversification really matters as well as the advantage of being the first to choose an asset with a future in which to invest and invest well. What have you learned from those charts? What do you think about it?

**Note: ideas expresed here are my own and should not be considered as an investment advice!


Stack sats. . . Buy Bitcoin :wink:


I like BTC too much but one thing i have learned here at Pynk is " diversification is the key" if not a secure key to a success at least to avoid a potential disaster. Taking care of our investmets it´s essential!! :sunglasses: :+1:


Agree absolutely mate, just teasing :grin:


This is absolutely true. Thanks @deyner1984