Humans vs robots: from jobs takeover to a future war?

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Much has been said about the future of mankind with or without robots on it: jobs takeover, futuristic wars fought against robot armies… :thinking:

The truth is that hard and soft robots are here among us today and they are linked, somehow, to the future of mankind: by taking advantage of their awesome capabilities the human race could get rid of dangerous jobs or repetitive ones, as an example… or nanorobotics, those tiny robots could help to solve some serious health problems out there.

The problem is that many people think that, in a future, the extensive use of robots could be harmful for humanity because they see robots as a replacement for a given worker and not as a complementary tool helping that worker to do a better job…just to mention an example. Whatever the case is, robots are here to stay i guess, and i think that we must find the correct place for them inside our lives. :+1:

Do you see any threats to humans from robots?

Could be possible to live together coexisting peaceably while taking advantage of robots capabilities to improve our work without the fear to a full job takeover?


I also believe robots are here to stay and they will take over many jobs. They are already helping with surgeries, stocking shelves in stores and flipping burgers among other things! A balance between human and robotic works needs to be maintained. A complete robot takeover would devestate our economy…one thing though, more robots means more techs to maintain and repair them. ( Human or robotic? Who knows?!)


Even though evolution dictates survival of the fittest #Keephumanintheloop :raised_hands:



Hi Deyner! The most opitmistic outcome would be, in my opinion, that hopefully robots and humans will become a cooperative team where robots will outperform humans in all those taks requiring a massive amount of attention, precision and speed at the same time, while humans will manage the “creative” side. In this scenario we will live in a world in which people will benefit both economically and for the quality of life (more time for ourself and our passions). This at least until even robots will reach the level of advancement so to be able to feel emotions which now seems impossible but I personally think that impossible does not exist.

The worst case scenario is…well…the worst scenario and in between the most optimistic and the worst there are also several degrees of grey.

Needless to say the way is very long but aeven here in Italy we have already a sushi restaurant with a robowaiter close to the place where i live…which is not even a major city.


Humans will continue doing jobs that the evolution chose for them: interacting, emphasising, communicating, creating fellowships and caring on one side, and using creativity and loving craftsmanship to enhance living environment. Stupid and disagreeable people will be bread out from the population (which means that eugenics in one form or the other will come back). Populations will shrink dramatically. Wars, however, even if using robots, will not be sparing civilians.
The point of war is to scare/cull enough enemy into submission.
The point of winning is to acquire space and resources - last 100 years of warfare shows that loosing societies are likely to be exterminated. After all, refugees, annoyingly, want to come back - remaining natives keep up resistance against colonisers - mixed communities or apartheid are the pain to police, and having slaves will not be necessary if robots will take over all the yuk jobs.
On the positive side, as human populations will continue to shrink, the urge to expand on earth may lessen. On the negative side, hunger for power, and for submission of one’s peers is an incredibly old evolutionary instinct ( linked to procreation drive). It is as illogical as it is irrepressible.
I think I did not wake up today in a optimistic mood… :anguished: :roll_eyes: :unamused: :pensive:


That’s the general feeling out there. Several polls made in recent years yield that, surprisingly, most of the people think that automation will be a good thing for their countries and for workers. According to CNBC only 37% of workers between the ages of 18 and 24 are worried about new technology eliminating their jobs while 63% said that being replaced by a robot or AI will be a good thing. According to “The Straits Times” people from countries like Japan (74 per cent), Poland (52 per cent) and Hungary (52 per cent), think that automation would make the countries’ economies more efficient :slight_smile:

As a curious data: recently read in that in a survey of more than 2,000 people in Europe and North America, respondents were much more upset at imagining themselves being replaced by another human being. They prefer to be replaced by robots in a future!..Weird isn’t? :slight_smile:


@deyner1984 speaking specifically about robots (and not its AI complement), I believe they have been a very disruptive force on human labour force, although change overall has been for the better. And I think coexistence is definitely possible in the future, human labour will keep evolving as it always has, and robot labour will keep allowing us to concentrate our efforts on work that enhances the added value of enterprises


I think this debate is one of those time immemorial conversations, despite the modern slant.

People have always feared new technology will replace jobs and, in truth, they are generally right. AI and robots will displace some jobs and create some unemployment, possibly lots in the short term.
It may seem like a bad thing in the short term but society will undoubtedly move on. You don’t see many people bemoaning the lack of Lamplighters because the electric street light became commonplace but this was probably a concern for people at the time.

As with any technological revolution, new jobs and new roles will spring up for people to do. As @Eva mentioned, the likelihood that AI will be able to replace humans where very human traits, such as creativity, love or compassion are required seems quite far off. there’s also a longer-term hypothesis that we could enter into a sort of fully automated luxury communism where the need for people to work as we know it will simply not exist anymore, with technology and AI able to meet all of our needs as individuals and as a society.

Regardless of your thoughts on this, the genie is already very much out of the bottle here. I think we, as a society, are best focussed on working on how to coexist with this emergent tech.


I am one of those people ahahhahaha

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I think the same like most people here: we need to focus in finding a way to coexist together, where robots will do the hard, repetitive and dangerous jobs while humans will concentrate more in other tasks; evolving, interacting…A joint and promising future i think it is possible!

Btw…just found this interesting video on YT while researching about robots in ancient times. This is an 1770 swiss automaton built by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a famous Swiss watchmaker. This automaton can write up to 40 characters in length and it is completely programmable and the mechanism controlling all this is built from more than 6000 pieces . It is really impressive!