HOW TO: Upload your ID document

One of the first steps to completing your KYC is proving your identity. We do this by asking you to upload a photograph of a government issued identification document. Simply take a photograph of your preferred form of ID, and we’ll have you verified in no time!

What ID can I use?

Although some regional variations apply, the main 3 kinds of documentation that we prefer are:

  • Passport - Your passport must be within date, have been issued more than 1 month ago and feature your full name as it is listed on your KYC application.
  • Driving license - Your driving license must not be expired and should feature your full name. For this type of document you will be asked to upload both sides. Please take 2 separate photos, do not use any kind of editing software to show both sides in one image.
  • National Identity Card - Your government issued NID can also be used. It should be valid, have been issued more than 1 month ago and feature your full name. You will need to upload both sides of this document.

Tips for taking a picture of your ID

When you upload a photo ID, please make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Not expired - Your ID must be in date.
  • Issued more than one month ago - We do not accept newly issued documents.
  • Must be in colour - please do not submit black and white photographs.
  • MRZ must be visible (if available).
  • Take a separate photo file for front and back of the ID document - only when providing an ID card or driver’s license.

What do we not accept:

  • Partial documentation - All four corners of the document should be within the photo.
  • Broken or Damaged ID - Wear and tear is fine but if your ID is very badly damaged we may not accept it.
  • Edited, forged or tampered ID - Our AI will easily spot documents that have been edited using editing software or forged by other means. Attempts to upload these kinds of documents may lead to an instant ban.
  • Copped or background added documents - We need to see an original photo of your whole document. Do not use background, filters or any other photo modification apps or programmes.
  • Angled or rotated documents - Try to photograph your document on a flat surface and keep the ID image straight in the photo.
  • Blurry or overexposed - It is important that we can read all of the detail on your documents.
  • Photocopies or screenshots of your ID - Only an unedited photograph is accepted.

What types of files are accepted?

  • .jpeg, .jpg
  • .png
  • .pdf

Max File Size: 64Mb

Still need help?

Of course, our small but mighty Customer Support team are always ready to help. Please reach out to us at That being said, if you do not have the required documentation, there is very little we can do to help you - we appreciate your understanding with this.

Please note our KYC verification is carried out by our partners, and whilst we will try to assist with any issues you may have, depending on the nature of your issue, these matters can take a minimum of 48 hours to resolve. We therefore kindly request your patience when reaching out to our Customer Services team.

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