How have Moving Averages worked for you?

It’s a bit of a pointless question as it depends on so many factors, like your strategy, time frames, asset etc etc… But it’s quite interesting to see how people benefit from them…

How have they improved or worsened your trading?

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Moving averages are like basic setup of my tradingview. :bar_chart:

I’m a big fan of MA strategies for a long time, crossovers helped me a lot with many trades, on many assets.

:crystal_ball: 4hr timeframe MA with my lucky Fibonacci numbers helped me to earn Super Predictor title with Bitcoin Predictions :wink:

Let’s see if this setup will work well with Gold and Nasdaq too?


Moving averages is something pretty new for me. I’ve been trying them out but without much luck. :thinking:

I always (when I have time) use the Bollinger bands/RSI combination and I think it gives a pretty good overview of where a commodity is at price wise.

Keen to know what other use though :nerd_face:

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Moving averages are not new for me, but almost not using it at all these days.

At the beginning of my journey wich started by crypto world i use to take a look at MA graphs, crossovers, etc. to have an idea on how a given trend will go in a near future. But then i discovered Fibonacci numbers applied to trading and since then this has been my prefered tool for trading and predicting… especially Retracements levels.

I often use Fib Retracements levels+ Bollinger Banda+RSI to trade and even to guess prices…so far so good for me but i recognize i need to improve more and maybe returning to good old MA techniques, without leaving my beloved Fibonacci retracements, will help me a lot into get better predictions.:ok_hand:


All this stuff are new for me ,but moving averages should be accurate anyway ,just staking dayly one is starting to understand trading


Don’t worry @Maratchaki ! Since no one is born knowing about how even read properly a chart, is all about being curious and consistent in going deep into one topic per time.
I began for instance just reading candlesticks and candlesticks patterns with support and resistances. Then with moving averages, fibonacci, RSI, MACD and so on. If you don’t rush in any of this, take your time and consistent effort in appling the knowledge, then in time you shall 100% succeed.


Ok Mr Tradelta , I will try to learn trading concepts​:clap::pray::+1: