Have the equity markets bottomed yet?


We saw this past week and a half huge recoveries in equity markets. Some say the bull market is back, others say the worst is yet to come… what do you think Pynksters??? :thinking:


It looks like it’s on the way back up but I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. I believe we will still have a few bumps along the way. Keep in mind, this is the time to buy for those who can afford to.


I think the worst is to come. There has been a drop in that last few days. Let’s hope for the best.


@kaabayahaya Hope for the best but prepare for the worst right? :joy:, like @KarenM mentions, we probably still have more than a few bumps along the way. Maybe it won’t go as low again, but additional drops are coming. We’ll definitely know that the worst is behind us when volatility has been consistently diminished, and we don’t see much more of the crazy trading days we’ve seen often since February. And I don’t mean only for the stock market, but BTC and gold also.