Get involved - name our partner app's new company!

Hello Pynk Community, :wave:

As Seth recently explained in his latest video, after many hours of discussions with our regulatory partners, we have decided to create a partner company to house the Investor Wallet. Although this makes no real change to you as a Pynkster, other than getting used to a new company founded by your friends at Pynk; it does leave us with one dilemma…

What should we call this new company?

What better way to truly test our collaborative, community approach than to ask YOU to get involved? Obviously, there are ramifications here in terms of obtaining copyright, domain names for the new website, etc. So we can’t just ask you to suggest away, but we can let you guys discuss and vote for your favoured name!

So without further ado, we’d like to disclose some of our ideas:

Managed Portfolios (powered by Pynk)
Fully Managed (powered by Pynk)
Thesis (powered by Pynk)
Thysis (powered by Pynk)
People Powered (by Pynk)
Social Investing (Powered by Pynk)
Investor Wallet (Powered by Pynk)

Please feel free to discuss and, in a few days, we will create a community poll, before deciding upon the final name.

Thanks all,

  1. Investor wallet - for me self explaining, you can easily refer to it, also the name is probably used as keywords by people when searching in google. (In case the company will take only about the wallet itself…)

  2. Managed Porfolios - second place, similar reasons as above, just seems like a name for some big financial company which I dont like in connection with social investing for usual people :slight_smile:

  3. Social Investing, Fully Managed - cant grasp content of the service, referring would be harder as to f.e. login to Fully Managed … (account, wallet?) - would need another word :slight_smile:

  4. Thesis, Thysis - I dont think that people who learned english know what this means in majority - at least in CZ, it would be harder to write after just hearing it and I cant imagine anyone I know looking for these terms in google.

Nice suggestions, you did some thinking there :wink: , I am looking forward to see the result.


I would like to suggest,
Investor Wallet :slight_smile:
Suggested; Crowd wallet


Investor wallet I feel is a good name as its simple and can be found easily on search engines.


The “Pynk Portfolio” is based on AI! I miss this in all the above mentioned proposals! For me the AI is, what makes the difference!


Googled “Investor Wallet” (with the apostrophes) and first link is to Pynk.
So makes sense to keep such name as google has assigned it to Pynk already.

Then, was thinking about the phrase often promoted here, None of us is smart as all of us:
Collab Investing
Synergic Investments (that may refer to collab with AI?) - Pynergic Wallet


Out of the above -

investor wallet ( sounds most relatable )

How about -

Pocket wallet
Better wallet
Group wallet
Smart wallet
Wisdom wallet
Community wallet
Master wallet

Pocket power
Money manager

also if the word pynk is allowed then -

pynk holder
pynk store
pynk folder

Thinking about it was fun :slight_smile: thank you


Invester wallet is not simple, ready she easy to use and remember it of above others.


Really great names!
It will be very hard to pick a favorite, for me it’s maybe between Fully Managed, Thesis and Investor Wallet.

To make it even harder to pick, my suggestion is
Beyond Investing (powered by Pynk)


What about the Triumvirate Portfolio powered by Pynk. As it’s People, AI and professionally managed. A bit late in the day perhaps as the poll is already live…


thanks for all the suggestions everyone, some good thoughts in there. Keep them coming!


My suggestions:

  1. The Pynk Wallet: clean, simple, to the point name

  2. The Piggy-Pynk Wallet: “piggy” from piggy bank, which most of the times is pink and match the color of the brand, so combination of a place to collect money/assets and the brand

  3. Sofia Wallet: “sofia” is the greek word for “wisdom” which correlates with “wisdom of the crowd” which is the distinctive characteristic of Pynk community.

  4. Plythos Wallet: “plythos” is the greek word for “crowd” which correlates with “wisdom of the crowd” which is the distinctive characteristic of Pynk community.
    “Plythos” also means “many, a lot of something” in greek, so there is a positive correlation with the sense of “multiplying money/assets”.


@annamakra - Really like no . 3 and 4…i hope its in the short list :slight_smile:


Some great ideas there!

1&2 ~ I would say sound too formal in my opinion. The word “managed” does not sound like a true representation of Pynk.

3&4 ~ Out of these I prefer “Thesis” (my second preference). For some reason I don’t connect Pynk and “Thysis” together. I know that this is picky but I think “Thysis” doesn’t have the same ring to it as Pynk. Maybe because it replaces an ‘e’ instead of an ‘i’.

5 ~ “People Powered”, I see more as a statement and would be unsure as to what would be associated with the name. I would have agreed with this one more if it was more explanatory about the Investor Wallet.

6 ~ “Social Investing”, is a good one. Although, I think there could be implications for the Investor Wallet, since it is not completely ESG focused. I think with the rise of socially responsible investing (which is what a Google search comes up with for this name), Pynk could potentially face problems in this area (if people are misinformed by the title name). In summary, I think the name is too broad and open to interpretation.

7 ~ “Investor Wallet”, is probably my favourite. It’s catchy, to the point and the name sticks. I see myself voting for this one in the community poll coming soon!

The “Powered by Pynk” part of these I really support. This comes across as strong and bold. I can see that the ‘P’ in “Powered” is lower case with some options. Not sure if this is a typo but think it looks a lot better in upper case :+1:

I hope there will be the chance to rank the following in this poll so I can share my views for each option :crossed_fingers:

Feeling excited for the announcement and being able to access the wallet :partying_face:


@trgsavage - you are right investor wallet sticks beautifully…waiting for further updates from the team.


Hello Pynksters :wave:

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Pynk. First we had the launch of the Investor Wallet, from our partner app ‘Placeholder’, then we onboarded many thousands of users through our KYC process, and all the while we’ve been getting ready for the Q2 2021 WP exchange!

And now, after much deliberation taking into account various factors such as our roadmap, search data, trademarks and future domain names - we have decided upon a new name for the partner app:

‘Thesis Portfolio’

We really appreciate all of your suggestions in the above thread, they were really helpful in giving us some guidance and we are keeping some of the suggested names on the back burner for the future.

Over the next few days, we’ll be busy making the necessary changes across our website, social media and other places. Do let us know if you spot anywhere we’ve missed!

Head on over to our brand spanking new webpage to see more!

Thanks again,



Bit confused by this, I thought the Thesis Portfolio was one of the multiple funds Pynk were offering to invest in.

Are there no longer going to be other funds or do they all sit under the umbrella of the Thesis Portfolio/Manager? If so, if the current fund called the Thesis Fund inside the Thesis portfolio?

Have I misunderstood this?


Hi Ed,

Thesis Portfolio is both the name of the app that houses the Investor Wallet and of the flagship portfolio, also called ‘(the)Thesis Portfolio’. We still plan to release many more portfolios, all of which will fall under the same brand. If you managed to see the Finimize live event the other day, you may have heard Seth mention this portfolio. We’ll have more information on that soon!

I hope that helps.

Feel free to reach out to me either here, or by DM if i can help with anything else.


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