Future Disrupted: 2020 technology trends!

What do digital twinning, smart buildings, and responsive ‘phygital’ spaces have to do? They´re all disruptive technologies for the present year. :rocket:

Tech service provider NTT released a report last year outlining the top digital disruption predictions for 2020. In the report, NTT CTO Ettienne Reinecke highlighted five specific disruptive technologies expected to impact 2020:

Those 5 technologies are really awesome from every point of view you take a look at. Besides, it is expected that companies working in those sectors and with those tecnologies become very valuable assets to invest in a near future like those ones related to “phygital spaces” which are predicted to be a $160 billion industry by 2023.

Do you know any other disruptive technology for the present year that worth a try to take a look at?

What do you think about those five technologies already mentioned here?


You absolutely must include teleHealth and eMedicine, use of wearables and provision of care and self-care via variety of Health Apps.
The market, which had already, easily, doubled each year, appears to me to have taken off exponentially now, during the pandemic, due to its ability to provide Health & Care at a distance.

The true game changer is possibility (with increasing use of AI) to scale up, and at the same time, to continuously harvest data leading to incrementally improving outcomes.


Thanks @Eva! And yes i think that the Healthcare system, especially teleHealth, eMedicine and those branches related to AI and providing services at a distance should be definitely included in that list.

Actual pandemic has served to propel these branches of medicine to places never seen before and i think that part of the “new normal” from now on will be to seize healthcare services that can be used at a distance without the need to move from where you are to any hospital (unless it is something mandatory, of course :slight_smile: ). So, definitely i am aligned with your thoughts on this. :pray:


well said as always @Eva. I’d prefer to think that rather than being disruptive, that those technologies might enhance the provision already available. Here in the UK, it would be nice to see the NHS adopt some more modern tools as I am afraid, through no real fault of the staff, the tools they work with are often quite archaic. Certainly, it would be nice to see a forward-thinking government that is proactive in utilising the most effective and up to date solutions.


somewhat related is this article which i found quite fascinating.

I remember my Dad telling me a few years ago that he’d read in one of his science magazines that the first 200 year old human being had already been born. This goes somewhat further, although extremely speculatively. Do you think it is possible that the children being born today could go on to live for many hundreds of years? I’m kinda on the fence a bit about this one but i definitely think our grandchildren will live significantly longer lives than us.


Full stop. :joy: :rofl: :joy:


We are getting infinately better in understanding the aging process, I grant you. BUT it is still a long way from translating that into tangible results. The day we can reliably triple or quadruple the lifespan of drosophila fly is still to come, and we are seeking to do it in extremely controlled laboratory environment.

Replicating that in mammals, in uncontrolled environment, is a long way off. Think of the size of private fund you would need to inherit to control your environment for few hundred years, wars, pandemics, climate change, etc included.


Block chain technology is being ramped up. Data wallets will become more popular among the masses as the way to pay for things, send money to others etc…


There is indeed an Italian company which I am following very closely even on linkedin which is called IGOODI and it is oriented towards the “Avatarization” of human beings and realated markets such as health, fashion and style!

Sorry it is in Italian but hopefully you can switch to english subtitles

His CEO is the nephew of our former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi so i guess they have also all the right connection to succeed and thier product is very futuristic!! Love the idea!!