Forecasts frequency

Thank you!!

I feel like a trouble maker :smirk_cat:

I am very keen, it might seem petulant to keep asking questions, but it comes from a good place. I love this app and the community, I want to help optimise it. Also I like this questions section because I hope it helps other newcomers understand that questions will be answered, it’s ok to ask…but more importantly it’s ok to be baffled/overwhelmed!


Sorry about that @KD8482, I simply failed to mention this better, my bad :see_no_evil: (fortnightly as in expiration of questions)

as @RazvanPaun perfectly cleared out above, a new set of forecast questions is coming up tomorrow.

Mañana :sunny: :sunglasses: :tropical_drink:


Its all good, nothing to be sorry for!

Thank you!


Talking about forecast…is there a place where I can see a display of the historical forecast, ROSE forecast against myself and crowd forecast?


If I understand your question I think you are looking for “my performance”
Hit the menu button and select my performance.

If that is not what you are looking for, please come back and let us know!


I see what you mean but it is not what I am looking for. I was thinking more about perhaps an actual 2D graph with Y axis let’s say bitcoin price and X axis dates and then in there bitcoin price, ROSE forecast, crowd forecast and my forecast?


I’m tapping out and letting someone who can help help :rofl:

When you have your solution (not in a way that I am asking you to justify the request) I am genuinely interested what would this show you? What information would it provide?

I’m new to reading all the charts and I find them fascinating


Did you mean this page @ch1ch0 ? This page is just released only 8 days ago, after learning phase completed we will send out a further UX survey to find out what improvements can be added.


I saw that as well but i could not see the dates below and that why I probably didnt pay it much attention…please correct me if I am wrong, is it ROSE prediction the same as crowd average? I thought the idea was to feed ROSE with crowd predictions in order to forecast the future value? Or actually the pink graph represents ROSE?

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I do understand!! more than you can imagine! :smile: :upside_down_face: :joy:


It’s part of what I like about pynk :smiley:

It’s set amount of things to do and then it rewards me for finishing them! Find me in my happy place :rofl:


Haha I’m curious about the accuracy of ROSE and also mine against the crow. That’s the main reason.
I also believe it gives better visibility on ROSE predictions and looks neater.
Still not sure how the whole platform would work but being able to check how often ROSE predicts correctly will help people manage risk?


Thank you for explaining @ch1ch0 :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for the new questions Pynk!!

Goes off for a think about men’s skincare and airplanes… :thinking:


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Hey Angel :wave:

Not sure we will be sharing our secret sauce that easy :slight_smile:

ROSE’s signals are not on that app, however, you can see the crowd average. Which is Wisdom of Crowds and Rose finds the Wisdom in Crowd.


Sorry for asking many questions…is there a way I can see the predictions I made on past days? For the assets that I predict on a week ahead I am having the feeling I am jumping high in the price forecast between one day and another :sweat_smile:

Just found it in the app!

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There are no forecasts yet this week… stress twitch

I dont mind no forecasts…but the tick list on the home page people!! completionist starts to obsess


@ZackofPynk @RazvanPaun

Hey @KD8482,

Two new forecasts released this week. Can you not see them in your forecast page?

Which precious metals will see substantial price growth over the next year?


I can’t seem to attach images from my phone showing that its blank?

When were they added?

They are visible on my Android phone @ZackofPynk