Forecast: Will Central Bank Digital Currencies Become the Future of Money?

My answer is a pure YES. Digitization, or rather electronicalization !!!, already exists in the existing banking system. What is coming is not yet another ledger or system of FIAT currencies, but something deeper that can be extended to any form and depth of human activity. So first it must be defined in what exactly this new technology will be applied. My thoughts go to a scalable mode, step by step. Beyond the use of any form of it, a series of actions must be completed before it can be implemented. From its legal status to its transparent operation there is a lot of work to be done. Then comes its acceptance by all involved in it and then by us, people. If I compare the adoption of the euro in my country, from the parallel operation (drachma and euro), to its full acceptance, let me say, at least two to three years, that it seems to me a reasonable period of time. But let we see how things will turn out.
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