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Howdy Pynksters! :cowboy_hat_face: This week we’re trying something new, something we hope the cream of the crop (that’s you by the way:-) will find fun!

We’d like to hear your thoughts on areas where we should look to invest to make amazing returns on your hard-earned fund shares! Maybe you’ve heard about a company about to go stratospheric in your local area? Or, about a local gold mine that has just discovered a deep gold vein? We’d love to gather the valuable insights of our amazing community.

Please take the time to fill out the survey below. We’re really excited to see what you guys come up with! :sparkles:

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Can the questionnaire be accessed multiple times @ZackofPynk?


Thanks @stackem
Yeah, by simply clicking the link again :hugs:

this is a test version to see if it’s better than current version, so it can be implemented to v2.0, therefore each submission is a great chance for the team. :upside_down_face:


I filled out a questionnaire and my opinion should be studied and invested in the Nano market, and in particular composite materials. 100% Promising investment option.


Hi Denzel, I am worried about nanomaterials impact on environment - like microplastics or “gender bending” chemicals like pthalates, not to mention the insecticides like DDT, these nanomaterials couldbe genies that escaped the bottle, because of lack of understanding by their producers of their long term impact.
I am, however very interested in nanotechnology for it’s sheer ability to achieve new outcomes, and agree with you that potential of that technology is enormous.


I understand your concern and i also worry about it! But these materials are much safer than plastic bottles, from decent manufacturers they are virtually harmless.

I truely enjoy the survey, easy to understand, very simple and quick also. Thank you soo much.

Denzel, you said:
“[nanoparticles] from decent manufacturers they are virtually harmless”

It is the size of nanoparticles that concerns me:
From what we know about pathogenicity of azbestos, it matters:

There has been much scientific discussion about how fiber size affects the pathogenicity of asbestos. It is believed that the dimensions of the asbestos fiber determines how far into the lungs it is likely to be deposited and how quickly it is cleared. Wide fibers (diameter greater than 2 to 5 microns) tend to be deposited in the upper respiratory tract and cleared. Some recent papers have shown cumulative fiber exposure to be an important risk factor for the development of asbestosis [Larson et al. 2010a].

The gap of time between exposure, sickness, discovery of link and effective measures is usually long and fraught with stumbling blocks (Ibsen in his play, “An enemy of the people” (1882) is a beautiful illustration for non-STEM folk).

With literally hundreds of new materials being created in labs around the world, the chances of few dozen of new asbestos “miracles” being introduced to environment is considerable. It can take years for exposure to translate to illness. Nobody is doing safety / environmental impact studies that long.


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