Everything you need to know about converting your WPs!

Things are really hotting up for Pynksters this June! The Placeholder Investor Wallet is now live, meaning UK users will finally be able to redeem their WP’s for cash and choose whether they would like to withdraw their earnings or transfer them to the Investor Wallet!

If you’re not from the UK, you may be thinking “what about me?!”, fear not! Pynk has you covered.

As the Investor Wallet will not launch in your region for some time, we wanted to give you the option of redeeming the value of your earned WP’s now as cash or LTC - provided you have qualified for at least one WP exchange. Alternatively, you can choose to hold your earned WP’s within the Pynk side of the app, and wait for the launch of the Investor Wallet in your region, should you wish to do so. Be aware that if you redeem the value of your WPs as cash, you won’t be able to deposit it back into Placeholder’s Investor Wallet until this becomes available in your region.

To redeem your WPs, follow the 4 simple steps below:

If you’d like to be the first to hear about the launch of the Investor Wallet in your region, please sign up to our Waitlist.

For reference, the Investor Wallet is due to launch in Europe later this year.

Please also be aware that ALL users who wish to take part in this process will need to complete KYC.

Next steps:

You will receive an email inviting you to the redemption process. Simply follow the steps outlined in the app, complete your KYC application and provide us with your Litecoin (LTC) payment address.

Wait, don’t you guys normally pay me in BTC or USDC? Yes, historically that has been the case - but, due to the current market, fees are prohibitively high, and so we are switching over to Litecoin.

Please bear in mind that our team are expecting to be extremely busy, as we process these transactions individually. Therefore, it may take a few weeks to receive your funds. Please only reach out to our support team (hello@pynk.io) if you have not received your funds within this time frame.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above, we will be happy to help - just shout!

Stay awesome!


Thank you so much! I hope i receive kyc invitation


i choose to wait for the investor wallet to available in Kenya hope it will be soon


Thank you for the opportunity but I’m not reedeming :point_up:t3:
Hodl 2.0!! :smiley:


Stay awesome! Thank you.


Great opportunity to redeem our earnings, but I’ll be waiting to the investors’ wallet reach Latin American. Keep doing a great job, Pynk


Instead of cash out waiting for for the investor wait-list.


Great options guys. Love them. I’ll choose to try what I’ve been supporting. Keep on moving team. Great job. :pray::hugs::hugs:


Thank you so much @ZackofPynk and team pynk - just for the sake of it will try the LTC option… :slight_smile: and then wait for pynk to launch in my region :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


What is the minimum number of predictions require to qualify for WP exchange?


Hello @jakaria15 it’s based on the average of Pynkster activity. You can see last one’s details here. Q1 2021 - WP Exchange 🎉 or you may search “wp exchange” for older threads.


But I made 184 predictions and accrued 200k+ WP. But I am still unable to qualify for the WP exchange.


Simples @jakaria15 , you are a newly registered Pynkster and have not been in a WP exchange before. The next WP exchange is at the end of the month. Please see the link I shared above once again or have a look here to learn more how Pynksters works together and share together.



Got it. Thank You so Much


What, if i don’t convert into cash for long? Will it expired?


at some point, yes @anjankafley, no expiration but unused WPs will be donated to Charities.
Actually, there are some Pynksters making predictions to support this. There are upcoming features to cover this more.


Thank you very much for the invitation for the KYC verification. It was a quick and uncomplicated procedure. We continue to enthusiastically participate in the work of Pynk.


@Rosada - Great to know that you had a hassle free verification done. Would be nice to see you contribute more to the community.


@ZackofPynk - charities, that is so unique sir. Amazing work.

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