Ethical Investment discussion

Yes that’s not always easy @taliesin. But with social investing we can potentially have a lot of power. Large investment power means the power to change the way companies do business towards a more ethical, environmental way


yes…but is it ethical to change the world? ahahahahah


Yes…first we need to build a giant LAZER!!..:rofl:

3 Likes is interesting…

They are tracking investment funds and ESG scores and if supporting unethical investment classes such as arms etc.


@Al_Wallace I understand your dilemma but let’s face the fact that every rational investor looks out for one thing when making an investment and that is PROFIT. What is ethical or unethical is subjective. We know how carbon mono oxide affects the climate but people still invest in companies producing such cars even with the introduction of electronic cars.
Being an ethical investor depends on you level of investment. Example, I have $100 to invest, my priority will obviously be the ROI, on the other hand if I have say $1,000,000 , I am in a comfort zone, and can be Choosey.

Let’s note that what is ethical to @KarenM might not be ethical to any of us.

Great discussion guys.


I disagree a bit with that @kaabayahaya. I do think it’s possible to invest ethically first. There are so many types of assets, stocks etc that you can literally choose where to invest your money. The secret is just to buy at a fair price.

Especially when we are talking about social investing. Together we will have more influence than as individual investors and I do think this way we can make a real difference by investing in an ethical and financially responsible way


OK, from that point of view, I totally agree with you. My point was I’m reference to businesses. Investing in Assets is different.


Well, at the moment my main interest is concerned with work in the Fintech space. Of course, Pynk is my principal investment right now, but I’m also interested in Defi (Decentralized Finance) as it encompasses all of the cutting edge technologies trending as of now.

Personally, the ideological western bias of the last 70 years has done nothing to empower the unbanked/underbanked section of global society. It would seem most of the current batch of Blockchain/Fintechs are trying to redress this imbalance which has impeded economic growth in the southern hemisphere.