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Hello Pynksters :wave:

I know many of you are watching startups closely at ProductHunt, Betalist etc. Let’s use this thread to share cool startups you have shortlisted.

Let’s discuss the pros/cons, strengths and investment opportunities together. :+1:


Today I want to share with you some emerging giant startups that I’m honoured to watch them pitch live last night at Xcite event at Tobacco Docks, London. They beat over 900 startups just like Pynk last May and made the cut for our accelerator 360 Labs.

1. ARROE - Never worry about your battery again

They were my favourite, was great to see Randolph pitching about their super product and even better futuristic app which will honestly make you worry not about your battery again. They have a solid and creative team and I’m sure that you will see big things happens with Arroe shortly.

:tv: Watch Arroe Pitching at Xcite19
:white_check_mark: Check ARROE Website

2. OPTIMIZ - making your claims process smarter

Not many people know how Maritime shipping industry is massive and very closed for innovations, relies upon closed community deals with old schools methods…

How do I know this? I’m still a shareholder in a maritime shipping company and had a chance to worked in that industry for some time, also tried to digitalize that world but failed. Not once, but twice :slight_smile:

When I was listening to Kingsly pitching, these are the memories and frustrations made me thinking but when I see they also accepted by Lloyd’s Lab before they quickly become my second favourite.

The Team behind that project knows the industry, knows the big players and how to survive in that area, but mostly they know how to work hard to achieve that great service/product to offer many new things to InsurTech.

:tv: Watch OPTIMIZ Pitching at Xcite19
:white_check_mark: Check OPTIMIZ Website

3. Jobseekrs - the future of hiring is here.

Another recruitment hire platform? That was the first thing I thought until hearing more from Dr.Else Zekeng. Their approach can be the missing point on that cold recruitment process for both sides. We as Pynk getting ready to hire many superstars for next year and definitely we will give them a call regarding that :sweat_smile:, and also they are built by people for the people! :clap: :clap:

:tv: Watch Jobseekrs Pitching at Xcite19
:white_check_mark: Check Jobseekrs Website

4. Evocco - check the impact of your food shopping!

We waste every day, we waste everything, we know it yet we don’t do much about it, that is why we need more startUps like evocco!

Their solution is simple according to CEO Ahmad Mu’azzam, snap your receipt of the food you buy from supermarket, their app is a great assistant to help back to the world based on your shopping simple as it is. They have a nice star rating system which has two aspects, the climate impact of the food, and the nutritional value of the food.

Give it a go today Pynksters, I know you love #techforgood also they love PWA app just like us! :slight_smile:

:tv: Watch Evocco Pitching at Xcite19
:white_check_mark: Check Evocco Website

5. SymbaSYNC - Human Capital Asset Allocation Software

Who loves SAAS here? I know I don’t but @Think_Pynk does :slight_smile:

SymbaSync brings clever and competitive solutions to the market where project managing and deploying is an issue, you might think that is only big companies problem but nowadays everyone is working hard and dealing with firefighting every day become the new way of “work hard” you may not be familiar with SymbaSync yet, however, very similar products turned into Giants in just a few years. They have nice tech background and CEO Joseph McElmeel sure knows how to pitch, and I think it is a matter of time to hear good news from SymbaSYNC.

:tv: Watch SymbaSYNC Pitching at Xcite19
:white_check_mark: Check SymbaSYNC Website


I love Growth Hacking and always will, watching startups pitching live is always great, excitement is in the air. I wish very best for the startUps above with 360 Labs, I’m sure they will enjoy visiting beautiful Graz as much as we do!

Hopefully, we will be seeing Pynkster’s very own startups here one day! That would be awesome. :hugs:

Until next time, Arrivederci :nerd_face:

If you have only one option to invest any of those amazing StartUps during a Crowdfunding, who would you pick? :point_down:

  • Jobseekrs
  • Evocco
  • SymbaSYNC

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@ZackofPynk you have the incorrect link to SymbaSync

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Thanks for the heads up @KarenM :raising_hand_man:

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Bacause my bad, I am a waster i guess I’d need Evocco more than anything else. :smiley:


Arroe my fave from an investment perspective

Jobseekers from a tool to use in my everyday work

And evocco to feel good about the world :earth_americas:


Arroe all day long for me, desperately need this in my life!


Hi guys! Yesterday i was sealing the www in search for something interesting that has the charachteristics i usually search for into a start-up which are:

  • It is in line with future technologies to come;
  • it is world wide scalable.
  • it touches many fields of the human experience and it can fit many more.
  • its team has a solid background.

This seems to respect ALL this prerogatives above I hope you enjoy:


What do you guys think about this start-up?


Thanks @Tradelta :clap::clap:

As we all know 90 out of 100 startups will fail. So it is worse then life expectancy of medieval ages :sweat_smile: :crossed_swords:

iGoodi looks cool however, I doubt that we are there yet, which triggers the biggest issue in business world, no market need / product-market fit.

As growth marketer, I do believe data driven marketers have some silver bullets in their holsters, so above comments might be be tackled by well-designed Sales and Business Development strategy.

Would love to hear from the founder team about how they would like to scale and mature their cool business up to become successful and maybe pioneers.

And If I may point some more questions these would be like;

What is their SP’s USP’s?

Which market they would like to focus on and why?

Is Sales Strategy designed and launched?

as you see all my concerns about their product is Salability at this stage :star_struck:


Slick concept, marketed right would probably do well in the gaming and fashion markets. Think your concerns are pretty well founded though @ZackofPynk, as cool as it looks, it’s an idea looking for a market rather than a solution to a problem, but then many new concepts are forged that way.
I can’t believe the top reason start ups fail is because of “no market need” though, you’d think that was bare minimum of any research into a projects viability, really staggering :astonished:


YESSS!! This is also my main concern because as you say they started well ahead before times are mature…this can be both a pain or a corner stone if they can sustain the project long enough.

Really curious because i can see the future going into the “Real player one” like of direction but who knows WHEN?

GREAT QUESTIONS!! :fire::fire::fire::fire:

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IMHO it is more that the startup team can’t figure out how TO CREATE the market niche for their product.
Examples of HUGE market creators are APPLE and TESLA.
For sure a company need to have big shoulders, a really visionary team as much as people able to pass on THAT vision out from the boundary of the company, to be that way.

From my perspective there are INFINTE possible realities to be created. You just need the right people togheter to make a vision REAL.