Dirk Wilfling, Introducing Pynk's CPO 📱

Howdy Pynksters! :facepunch:

This week, we are proud to introduce our CPO - Dirk Wilfling.

@DirkofPynk has launched and scaled a data marketplace startup, after he has led on Amazon Alexa in Germany and Austria as Head of Product. With many years of product management experience, he is guiding Pynk’s broader product vision and works closely with our world class dev team to bring it to life.

As you can probably guess Dirk is a busy guy, working behind the scenes to bring you the product you know and love! Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to speak to him in the community soon!

Great working with you Dirk :handshake:


Nice to meet you Dirk. We know you are very busy behind the scenes, but would love to see you in the community occasionally. Keep up the great work!


Yeeeeeeee!!! Congratulation Dirk! Every new week a the Team Pynk’s crown is adding a new jem…sooooo goooood!! :grinning::sunglasses::rocket:


Hi @DirkofPynk :wave:t3:
Nice to meet a new team member!

@ZackofPynk you will soon be able to easily make a sticker album of all people in Pynk :joy:


Woow Congratulations @DirkofPynk. Glad to have you.




Thanks all - happy to be aboard!

We are cooking up some exciting features and products and will start sharing sneak peaks soon to get your opinion on it!


Welcome to Team Pynk @DirkofPynk! :handshake:

Pynk family is growing day after day! Hope to see you soon sharing some good news here on Community. Let’s make Pynk vision come true through the product people need! :muscle:

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