Did the US find evidence of UFOs? 👾


I have to confess I am a total sceptic when it comes to anything supernatural or UFO related but this kinda caught my attention. What are you guys thoughts?


Wow Al…pretty nice article you posted here with pretty known names supporting the disclose.

For what concerns with supernatural I agree very much with you, while on the UFO side in opposite I am very sceptic about the fact that troghout the whole universe we are the only beings capable to make up systems so to be able to travel outside the boundary of our planet’s atmosphere.

I always considered and I am since my youth very fascinated by the possibility to discover one day another civilization. At the same time I think that we could not be wise enough to manage such a condition.

Let’s put it this way…I like the idea, I believe in a possibility of this kind, but knowing the human attitude I also think that WE as people from planet earth are not ready to take this peacefully enough. We can’t sustain a cooperative dialogue between West and East side…ahahah

Beside this the fact that these “people” reached Earth with a UFO imply the fact that their technology is far more advanced than ours…not good for our warlike minds.

I am very curios to see how this things evolve. In my opinion it could be even just a mere political move and nothing else.


I too am very skeptical @Al_Wallace and @Tradelta. I know there are many believers. If there is life elsewhere, and they have the ability to watch us, here on Earth, I hope they see all the good (& avoid the bad) that we have to offer…but just maybe…what they found was an Elon Musk experiment gone bad :dizzy_face:


Curious about the timing of the release, feels like a " don’t look there, look here!" kind of tactic to off set the domestic news in the US.

These reports could have been made known years ago. Why now?

The 50’s & 60’s UFO fervour in the US, where sightings and stories were a frequent occurrence I believe was definitely down to the military “secret” weapons projects of the time, probably stoked by the CIA to give credibility to UFO stories and deflect any involvement in military projects, maintaining the secrecy of the particular “new toy” the government had engineered.

If the military really had spacecraft that they could reverse engineer, then I doubt the US would still be flying aircraft powered by fossil fuels.

Or, maybe they do have the technology, but unleashing some kind of Zero Point energy upon the world would destroy the power, influence and economy that the powers that be hold over us all.

I’m not sceptical enough to believe there is no other intelligent life out there (on whatever dimension), but I am sceptical enough not to actively go looking for it! :scream:


Yes Greg!! I agree with this too!!


I remember reading that when all those reports proliferated in the west, including alien obductions, Nikita Khrushchev and after him Leonid Brezhnev, premiers of USSR, ordered the army (massive army due to conscription, stationed all over Russia, including polar regions, to watch the skies day and night for almost 30 years. When Soviet Union fell, the archives were accessed and no significant sightings were reported. So - either aliens liked North America capitalists most, or the alien stories were deflections from military projects.

Now the bigfoot stories on the other hand…


Interesting, but probably a smoke screen :alien:


Haha, yes it’s well documented that Bigfoot was in fact, a C.I.A sponsored black ops to fool the Russians into believing the US had bigger bears than the USSR! :rofl: :rofl: :bear:


Well, in a game of one-upmanship, as to size of bears, when KGB replied with Dyatlov Pass Incident, whose Sasquatch, sorry, bear, was judged more scary?image


I hadn’t heard this story before, so I had to google it, really bizarre :woozy_face:


I believe in UFO ,because I saw myself UFO :pray::boom::100:


Now you made me curious Maratchaki…speak out the whole story mate!! :grin:
Love UFOs stories…I have a military base close to where I live which is supposed to be an alien cave…I just tell you this.


Yes ,it was 2016 years and I was in my city ,daytime and suddenly we saw white saucer up in sky ,just staying up suddenly was dissapeared in a minute :100::scream::exclamation:


I don’t disbelieve you, but if it was white, could it have been a lenticular cloud? They disappear.


No not like that ,it was blackdiscaround and when it was getting closed ,electricity was off and on in aminute ,to be truth​:100::+1:


Sometimes I do watch the videos related UFOs and aliens on YouTube. And the videos make me think the aliens exist and they often travel to earth in their flying object. Also many people by own have noticed the strange thing flying across the sky and they are all captured in the camera. We can’t say all are photoshopped and edited. There are so many things on the earth which still is a mystery and people often relate the thing with the aliens. I personally haven’t seen anything like UFOs or aliens but thinking deeply make me think we are not alone in this universe, aliens exist. :smile::relieved:


Pretty skeptical on this one. I still think we are not alone in the whole Universe but they call “evidence” to images, footages…all those "evidence " can be faked by teenagers using Photoshop even.

Another thing are those “objects we couldn’t make ourselves”. Too much smoke here i guess: how to know if a given object or new material is from the outer space or is Earth native or “born” in Earth laboratories we never known before. Are those objects be assessed by external laboratories or by government ones? Many questions yet to be answered i guess…but still i think we are not alone after all. I like to live in the hope that someday we can truly find our brothers in the universe! :+1:


Hi @Eva, just came across this, maybe debunking the mystery :woozy_face:

What, not Yetis’?:scream:


Good theory, seems to be building on katabatic wind theory I found on reddit few years ago:

Anyway, Russia reopened the inquiry to the Dyatlov Pass mystery… so watch this space.

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