Corona Pandemic has ushered in the Gig Economy

Embrace the change!

You are a Pynkster Gigga!

“Economists with Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase and others also are bracing for a historic surge of nationwide layoffs. In fact, Goldman Sachs has said it expects “an unprecedented decline in revenues across many industries,” saying between 3 million and 7 million jobs could disappear by the summer.”

We have to be prepared to adapt as this serious health crisis continues to tear apart countries and states.

Here at, this change has been ongoing for over a year now, with various members from the 16,000 strong, global, Pynk community, currently employed as Co-creators, Analysts’ and Brand Ambassadors.

If you weren’t aware of the gig economy before the pandemic, you’ll be glad that you joined because every time you make a prediction or write a post; you’re contributing to this defi-ecosystem, and maybe your future career and wealth management.

Do you think this is the beginning of the ‘New Gig Economy’?


Definitely a lot of the job opportunities will increasingly happen online as a lot of people have no choice but to isolate. This already presents a lot of logistical problems and forces to rethink a lot of the business models operating in various economic sectors, and remote work I think will become the new standard even after the crisis is over.
Needless to say that Pynk is very well positioned to benefit from this shift.