Competitions at Pynk - which ones?

Hi All, Dirk from Product here.

Whilst the dev team is razor focussed on the investor wallet launch, we want to make sure we don’t forget about the time after launch and what exciting features we can build for you.

One thing, which is way overdue, is to make the Fantasy Fund Manager and the Price Prediction Tool more competitive. Comparing yourself against your friends or finding out that you are the best Pynkster of the entire community are exciting and natural additions to our app!

As we want you to take part in the development of the app, I’d like to start a thread of what type of competitions or competitive elements you like most (and therefore developed first).

At this stage, anything goes. If you have an idea please let us know here.

The first question I’d have is, in general, do you want to engage with other Pynksters on the Pynk app? If yes, in a competitive setting (leadership boards) or collaborative setting (group predictions)?

To give you some food for thoughts, currently, we are thinking about the following options:

  1. Pynk wide leadership board to award and praise best users
  2. March Madness elimination competition where you predict against a random user until you become Pynk MVP!
  3. FIFA world cup style tournaments, where users from the same country play for the “best Pynk country”
  4. Friend leagues where you have a leadership board amongst your friends
  5. Weekly quattro battles where you get mixed together with three users who, historically, where performing similarly to find out who’s in best shape this week
  6. Predict together with friends
  7. Collaborate in researching certain assets and share with friends/community

Anything else? Let’s be creative and make something unique!

Thanks & Cheers,
Dirk from Product


Great ideas! This world cup tournament sounds most exciting to me. And I also miss more sophisticated historical data of my performance compared to the other Pynksters.


I’d say brute individual rank, like #1; but also subdivided into a handful of various strategies (long, short, high risk, low risk, dominant asset class, etc.) that are also then ranked accordingly.

The now defunct Motif Investing, albeit quite different than Pynk, had a lot of different measures to determine user rank that might be worth looking into…(?) However…In terms of competition, the platform tied user performance to generating followers, which made it so one could generate a percentage off of their own follower’s gains as well…that made for some wild numbers, but generally aggressive, high risk investing (this turned into their undoing as they did not make it through March 2020—I would avoid emulating anything Motif in that manner)


Hi @DirkofPynk !! For the competitive side I like the most the 4th and 5th option and for the collaborative both the 6th and 7th seems very intriguing!! :muscle::sunglasses:

Another option than these could be: you pick the 3 or 4 for best predictors (for placement result and consistency) for each Country, put them togheter as a team and make a sort of predictor’s world cup!

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