Colonizing Mars: the survival of the human species or its total annihilation?

Who has not ever seen a Martian movie? :alien: Mars has ever been the preferred planet to go and discover because of the proximity to the Earth and because popular tradition has always pointed the possibility of the existence of life in that planet.

Many people think that colonizing Mars could be, at the end, something really achievable and not so distant anymore. For people like Elon Musk colonizing Mars can be a hedge against WWIII and help human species to survive by releasing the planet Earth from overpopulation and seizing Mars natural resources, helping both, Colonizers and Earthlings, to survive and develop.

On the other hand, many people think that colonizing the Red Planet could be potentially harmful for planet Earth(long-term). They think that the proces of colonization could lead to a War between Earth and Mars for the control of natural resources and gaining independence. One way or another it seems that humanity has taken safe steps towards Mars colonization and from my point of view there is much more gain than loose in the upcoming process of colonization of our neighbour planet.

What do you think: could we see the process of Mars colonization in upcoming years? Should Mars be independent from Earth? Could Colonization avoid a 3rd World War or, long-term, could start a war between two planets even worse than past World Wars? :thinking:

…a bit futuristic here :smiley: but i would love to hear your thoughts regarding this!


I think it’s too early to talk colonization since I have seen evidence of life on Mars. What we know of are either guesses or speculations based on one or two discoveries made by the Mars rover. In a situation where there is confirmed life on mars, our own experience of colonization on earth should be an experience we can learn from and know that colonization isn’t the way to go.

Once humans are going to live in Mars, I don’t see how it’s going to be possible. Mars is more like a virgin planet. Not all can be built from scratch so they will import from earth.

Colonization will hasten it. I think to avoid a 3rd world war, we need to find a way to be diplomatic.


Don’t we have enough problems here on Earth?!


Even though I like the idea of exploring other planets, that would require a MASSIVE amount of collaboration from ALL the side of our planet even to get there and just begin to stay there on regular basis.

Than, we should begin a terraformation process based on Mars seasonal conditions…very long process.

It is for sure that human on Mars AT LEAST for the first few centuries will be 100% dependent from Earth resources (human resources to begin with) until they have the possibility to make childrens…they’ll need several childrens born on Mars just to understand how a body born on the Gravitational condition of Mars will grow.
Then, how people born on Mars will be? Will their lifespan be shorter or longer…or the same?
Will they be smarter than us because they need to survive and explore all corner of the planet in ways that we still can’t imagine?
Terraformation is a very long process… :grin:


Mars colonization is still very faaaar away, we haven’t even been there yet… and once we’re there, to actually make Mars a hospitable place for humans will take time; then process of transforming the planet to be hospitable for mass populations of humans, animals and plants will take unmeasurable additional time. We definitely won’t see the process of mass colonization, it will happen maaaybe in the next century.

As for the hedge against World War 3, possibly yes, but maybe WW3 will come before we colonize Mars :sweat_smile:

And even further into the future, yes, eventually Martians will want to become independent of Earth, possibly through what could become War of the Worlds 1


Sure we have @KarenM :laughing: But at the end, the idea of colonizing Mars and release the Earth from overpopuation and trying to take advantage of Mars natural resources it is not so crazy after all. 2020 has been a nasty year for planet Earth and whole mankind, however scientific advances in the field of cosmonautics and space exploration have continued to occur coupled with advances in the race to find a cure for Covid-19 Pandemic. We have so many problems here, of course, that´s why people like Mr. Musk think that releasing our mother planet from overpopulation and bringing natural resources from an external source can help mankind to survive better and hopefully avoid some problems we have today but for a near future :+1:


Curiously there are some studies that say humans will need to tweak their DNA if they want to live on Mars:


Karen, you made me laugh out loud. So short and to the point :upside_down_face: :laughing: :upside_down_face:


Fresh news about a future colonization of Mars: Elon Musk declares ‘independent’ Mars colony will not follow Earth’s laws.

I guess that, in practice, he has no real power to choose what regime of laws to impose when colonizing Mars but is my take that the first settlers will effectively decide by their own about many things, but not about everything (initially they will depend on supplies from Earth to live there)… but this is a clear indicator of what can happen once Mars is properly colonized.

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