🔔 Co-Create Push Notifications (Contest)

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T: Your prediction window’s open! :loudspeaker:
D: Pynk is waiting {username} - seize the day, predict and earn :pynk:


Just thought up another one.

T: Pynk about it :brain:
D: How can you win those daily rewards unless you predict? :trophy:


I like this one @trgsavage. Glad to see you back with us. Stick around!


Thanks to everyone, we have some great suggestions here, now it is time to officially end this and take it to next level, tbh I was not expecting that many contributions, it will be a bit hard to find the best ones now :grin:

Just to say thank you for your contribution, your accounts are credited with extra 1000 WP right away. :facepunch:

@KarenM @predictor @mosigman @seth @Tradelta @mandrew82002 @galina2017 @stackem @cryptoajt @mn1010 @Thewseph @mr_pynk @Maratchaki @kaabayahaya @binayarm @Tompsi2k19 @Al_Wallace @mahi321 @Ribica123 @craiss @jhievalie @YUIPO88 @dilmah21 @trgsavage


Voting is live, now let’s see who will make the cut.

:point_right: https://go.pynk.io/co-creation-voting-1

45 Notifications accepted, authors will be credited soon :metal: ( 10,000 CP’s and 2,500 WP’s .)

TOP 10 will earn double!

Each voter of the survey will be granted with 2500 CP and 500 WP :partying_face:
Also, 10 Lucky Winners will also win 25,000 CP and 5,000 WP each!

Seems like Co-Creation will be the best way to boost your WPs, watch out for the next one :slight_smile:


Hi friends! I am Galina 2017. I just took part in the survey for the best notice: from 0 to 10 … It’s so hard to choose the best, but I tried. Good luck everyone! :смайлик:


I see there were many suggestions/entries for push notifications contest from new users…but it seems lots of them have done nothing else on this site…I strongly encourage those folks to read some of the other topics and add their thoughts…also to @ZackofPynk…if you do future contests with those nice rewards, maybe try adding other requirements for receiving rewards…like being an ’ active" Pynkster.


I agree with you @KarenM

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Hey @KarenM, thanks :pray:t2:

Sure it will be nice to see more contributions to the forum side of the things and I’m sure it will happen in time however defo it is not for everyone :+1:

Some Pynksters show their support on social media, while some others refer many each day which makes a great contribution to growth (currently we are growing around 10% per week) however as you know Rose A.I is only interested in accurate predictions :sweat_smile: soon there will be much more than predictions only and that will allow Pynksters to show their short and long term skills much better as well as support to the community :tada:


This is the great for all the pynksters for enhance theri learning abilities along with the bonus WPs.:purple_heart::purple_heart::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Rose Ai, ain’t no pie in the sky :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Money on the brink, time 4 Pynk​:fire::rocket::money_with_wings:

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I Pynk, therefore,I am .:point_up:


Title: Coin Out Your Future. :money_mouth_face:
Description: Relaxing while predicting at Pynk is Covid19-like antibodies for your future. :pynk:


Title: Predict our Verdict, earn Prize for Price!
Don’t miss out the chance to be a part of generating great market future forecasts by sharing daily your price predictions and earn generous points… :wink:
Because a Pynkster is also an Earnster!


Not so long ago we asked our community to come up with some awesome ideas for Push notifications and, boy oh boy, did you guys come up with the goods! So, after reviewing the feedback from our vote, we have the enormous pleasure of announcing the winners! :clinking_glasses::partying_face:

Please see the survey results here.

Once again thanks to all Creators and voters who contributed! Great Pynk Community created their own push notifications - co-creating a fintech together :heart:

Top Notifications as voted for by the Pynk Community

  1. @Tradelta /No: 8 with 7.6/10
  2. @KarenM /No: 15 with 7.6/10
  3. @Al_Wallace /No: 3 with 7.5/10
  4. @KarenM /No: 6 - with 7.5/10
  5. @Tradelta /No: 7 with 7.5/10
  6. @predictor /No: 9 with 7.5/10
  7. @cryptoajt /No: 27 with 7.5/10
  8. @Al_Wallace /No: 36 with 7.5/10
  9. @YUIPO88 /No: 37 with 7.5/10
  10. @ZackofPynk /No: 44 with 7.5/10