Chronically Capable

It is some time I was searching for a new startup to share with you, but lately, I could not find any that really gives me that good feeling.
This morning instead I found this one.
It seems really in line with my requirements.
It is solving a real human issue.
It could have a huge long-lasting user base.
It focuses on a very specific niche.

It does not have so many upvotes but I think the same it is a cool idea.
Any opinions?:grin:


I checked it out @Tradelta and I agree with you. It is a great idea for those with disabilities or illness that prevents them from the regular workforce…thanks for sharing


Hi Karen thank you for the feedback!
I like very much his project but I just wonder how they intend to scale…in fact i asked to the creator of the platform…waiting to see if she answers me. :smiley:


I think if the word gets out, there will be plenty of businesses to come on board. I can’t even imagine how many potential workers there could be, but this could grow huge. There will always be a market for this type of work.


A great way to allow chronically ill people to stay within the workforce, really commendable.
Although I think it’s a bit of a niche market, for remote working, the person has to fit into some kind of I.T related profession wouldn’t they?

Nice find though @Tradelta :+1: