Challenger bank that invest 10% cashback into stocks!

Hi Guys, me again :man_facepalming::smiley:

Was just looking at product hunt again and saw this, which look quite interesting.

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Seem like a new challenger bank whose USP is that they give 10% cashback on your spending and invest it into stocks and shares. They also have a pretty funky metal visa card! :heart_eyes:

Did anyone hear much about these guys? must say I’m kinda tempted!



I just had a good look at this, it does seem very interesting!

I am going to think on it a little, something is niggling me. I think there is something about having a ‘competative’ debit card (they have a leader board for the spending in their champion shops) which is making me feel squinky!

However, I enjoy the idea of getting cashback for netflix to buy netflix stock :rofl: also, it feels like it might be the way banking will go eventually.

It’s really good find and another win from product hunt!


Is feeling ‘squinky’ a good thing or a bad thing? :smiley:

Yes, I like the idea of this too @KD8482. Might do a bit of research later.


Ha! I laughed out loud!

You don’t understand my random vernacular??

Squinky is bad. You know that weird feeling when you kind of want to run away but either politeness or curiosity makes you stay?
squinky I kind of thought it spoke for itself but now I wonder :rofl:


Aha, yeah I work with a few guys like that :sweat_smile: