Calling all #Pynksters! 🙌 Co-Creating Pynk

The revolution will be decentralised!
Engineers of positive Future! :robot:

Application Form: a decentralized tech co-operative fit for the future.

Hey Pynksters :wave:

You can apply directly, or leave a comment to discuss further.:point_down:


This will be the most interesting thread on this community imo. Hope all Pynksters can add their ideas and views here on what Pynk should become, what everyone wants it to become. Time to think big!


Always been superinterested in the co-creation of our future. Let’s what comes out! :wink:


Why don’t we kick off by saying what we want Pynk to become 5 years from now…a vision that disrupts the world of finance!

I’m really exciting about the social aspect to be honest. It will be great to see Pynksters working together to make investment decisions or even starting and incubating new businesses through Pynk.


This would be AWESOME! To have a solid monolithic crowd base is a great advantage to any business idea.

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@Tradelta thats definitely in our future plans. ‘Venture’ is a different model from the initial fund we are launching 2020, but Crowd Wisdom will work well for this too. What is interesting is Venture Capitalists often claim to have a unique approach vs other VCs, but rarely do. Using the Crowd to validate startups is a unique approach (I haven’t seen it elsewhere anyway). Furthermore, the Pynk Crowd will end up being a place of validation i.e. if the Crowd supports it then the founders know they are onto something, this in turn will help them get investment/funding from Pynk and elsewhere, will help them get their first paying customers (if B2C proposition), possibly help them get a route to market if B2B, and gives start-ups a place to bounce ideas off the Crowd and co-create. Could also be that one day the Pynk Crowd is rich with talent, and so Pynksters can get involved in and do work for these start-ups (should they have the necessary skills of course!). I’m hoping our Pynk Tank show will become a key platform for this also; a place for founding teams to present and pitch their companies to the Pynk Crowd…


This is definitly SUPERCLEVER!!


Below is list of De Fi projects by category:

We’ve talked about decentralising Pynk further using bc tech, above is good inspiration


Wow!! I didn’t know there were so many projects built upon ETHEREUM bc! Thank you for this link @Think_Pynk!
I invested traded Eth for the first time in 2017and i thought it was a revolutionary project…the only weak point in it is the SCALABILITY issue which I hope their dev team solve ASAP.

Another source of decentralized project you can find on the GRANT FOR THE WEB forum.
If you want to give a check this is the link:

This is mainly about projects regarding direct stream monetization as i can see.
The most interesting to me is those regarding the entertainment industry.


@Tradelta cool list right! lots of defi projects on ethereum but in various stages of development. Augur is one of the more established DAOs, def worth a look if interested in this area. I also put a v small amount of eth into 6 months ago to see what happened and as test and learn I.e to lend out to generate a return, I got 5% back, not sure it’s that robust yet but the project seems legit (please don’t take this as investment advice! Just sharing some ideas) have invited zerion onto Pynk Tank also, would love to get them on at some point


@Tradelta loving the grantforweb site btw :call_me_hand:


What I’d really like to see in 5 (maybe more) years is a crowd incubation element. That being open collaboration to define and build innovative products or services. I think – with an effective collaborative framework – the crowds’ input on new products will exceed what an individual or small team can build on their own.

A proprietary crowd collaboration process, deeply rooted in design thinking, will be valuable to this style of incubation, if it is effective. It could be an opportunity for crowd members to gain fractional equity in new businesses and products, if their work or ideas influence the final product, as well.


Maaaan…this is a dream became reality!!:smiley::rocket::rocket::rocket:


We need more input from the community for all of this to really work.


Agreed on both counts @Tradelta and @KarenM, it would (or will :wink:) be a dream come true, annnd it will require a lot of work, collaboration, trial and error in the process of it coming true.


If I think about what I would like Pynk to look like in 5 years I see it as a enough relevant investment fund that if you fail to get financial investment from it, you can maybe pay for crowd wisdom for something you need.

It should be a whole package, for everyone.
You can invest money (even 100 euro) or get investment, you can invest your time or get time invested in you (paying for crowd wisdom).
It could also be a stepping stone for new traders that just want to get a habit of chart analysis and get a feel how it looks like to invest something (CP) and learn something new.
One thing I have trouble getting around is how to attract/keep very experienced traders so they can predict. Maybe that is where paying for crowd wisdom gets in, so you can award people with trading view pro subscribtions, the economist subscribtion, but that doesn’t seem like it would be an award they would be interested in or they already have something like that since they are experienced, so maybe just pure money for them but that also isn’t the right answer.


I think the right answer is- predicting gets you WPs which convert quarterly to shares in Pynk. The better you predict and the more you stake, the more you earn- all free! I’ve been here a while and I keep coming back because it is addicting in a way.