Bug Reports for Beta App

I would like to report an issue concerning the beta app but couldn’t find the right place to put my complaint so decided to create this thread. I will suggest the bug reporting segment of the app should have a space for uploads.

Thank you


Hi @kaabayahaya, great suggestion. I have included being able to accept uploads for the bug report into our backlog!


It would also be great if there were a section where a remark about the issue being resolved or rejected can be included. At present there is no feedback about the reports of the bugs.


Thanks you for your quick intervention.

Hi Virrpuu, you are exactly right. Showing status of your feedback is an area of improvement we are very keen to make much more transparent!

To give you some background, we are working with a couple different software provider to funnel your feedback all the way into the product. It starts with this forum, goes into grooveHQ (our customer service tool) all the way into our development board. In order to give you live feedback on the status of your request we need to align the information flow into the system and (more importantly) back to you.

So all that said, allow us some time to figure it all out - until then, you can always tag me and ask for a status :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @viirpuu! That’s a great idea and great first post. Stick around and read more and please continue to share your thoughts.

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