Bell Pill Reminder: Seting up reminders for your medication

More often, we talk about living a healthy life and focus on foods. One major thing we tend to look at is drug abuse or the wrong usage of prescribed drugs.
I came across a product Bell Pill Reminder. This product is so fascinating because it addresses a problem that I have experienced and i believe a lot of us have as well.
Bell is a great product because;

  1. You get your medication on time as instructed

  2. You can list all your medications on one page.

  3. Mark your use, Track your medication use history.

This will be extremely helpful to us, especially our parents and grannies whom we have hired nurses to take care of. I recommend to everyone, especially physicians.
Let me know your thoughts on BELL.

Check them out on product hunt:

Visit their website for more info and download their app:


Great hunt @kaabayahaya thanks for the share.