At last year's 10th Wolves Summit Pynk took home the startup pitch prize🏆

As you’ll know, it took hard work, sweat…no tears thankfully, but a lot of pitch practice and knowing our stuff! Wolves Summit has asked us to share our secrets for success - check them out in the article below :point_down: and let us know what you think :grinning:


'Have an open and frank conversation with partners before you startup. Being open and honest with the people closest to you is important, without their backing and support you may find things much harder.’

This is very important. Great interview. Well done


Sounds like the summit was intense with all the meetings, pitch prep and the pitch itself. But you guys managed to nail it which was amazing and it was all worth it in the end with taking the top spot and getting the Pynk word out there. Nice to have a followup interview as well, well done.


I agree with everything said in the article.
You guys definitely know what you are doing and know how to present it! :man_office_worker:t4: :brain:


Great article and smart advice. One more thing, the pink jackets, of course. Looking forward to the next summit!


I remember that moment when we won!!! :partying_face: It was fascinating and proudly at the same time…minute by minute, second by second…

It was an awesome pitch btw, the best in 10th edition of Wolves Summit. Those 8 keys for success will be applied for sure in next edition by many startup agents at Wolves Summit stage.

Deep thoughts expressed in a very simple and understandable way. Thanks to @mr_pynk and @seth…we have an awesome team and community behind Pynk, now we know why Pynk is the best…and not only pitching :smile:


So pruod to be a pynkster right now guys!!


Your pitch game is getting better and better guys! :smiley: Can’t wait to see what’s next !! Congrats once again!


Really true everything the article says. Thanks for sharing!


“Rather than identifying what the gap is that we fill in the market, we prefer to talk about the problem that we are aiming to solve for Millenial and GenX investors worldwide. That problem is a lack of financial education.”
The serious lack of financial education has to be addressed. Pynk is a fabulous resource for doing just that.
Some great tips there fellas :clap::clap:


Nice work guys! We’re looking good on all fronts!
There’s a wind blowing, and if you’re not built on solid ground or routed in the real world with ethics and a strong community… I’m afraid you’re gone the way of the Dodo. Not something has to be concerned with :slight_smile:images


An ad for this year’s Wolves Summit just popped up on my phone…it’s in 18 days…is it still taking place due to the pandemic?


Nice Events…
I’m surprised.

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