Asset availability in app

First question!

I would like to recommend assets, and I can see at the bottom that if you feel an asset is missing “tell us”

However, before I do that, are there any parameters? If they are trading are they fair game?

Commodities: Plastic
Equities: BAE

Also I was surprised to not see anything Elon related :rofl:


I’d like also to see SOY in the commodities section. I’d be very interested it.

If you look at the Megatrend cycle of the soy futures it appears clear that the Month of MAY 2019 was a very significant bottom and from there I can see, in the weekly chart, a perfectly executed first impulse wave up, with ABC correction ended in last week of April 2020.

Even if that low breaks down, that chart still is very promising AT LEAST for the next 5 - 10+ years.


Yes! Brilliant! This had not occured to me even as a vegetarian :smiley:


I’m rather surprised to see a limited amount of potential hedging tools like bonds or reits - thus I suggested adding TNotes (10y us futures).


I’m not sure this got an answer :see_no_evil:

I just want some parameters so I don’t inundate devs with inappropriate requests

@mjjc agree, particularly debt instruments are needed


@KD8482 I’m sorry - I also contributed to the offtop :sweat_smile:.
I’m not sure if I’m competent enough to answer your question but I’ll try regardless.

As far as I my search concluded the equities listed are currently mainly from NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE and Euronext. Therefore if you’d like to add BAE you’d need to decide from which exchange you’d want it (BAE is traded both on LSE and US OTC markets).

Was that the kind of answer you were looking for?

By the way, I would also like to see some oriental markets like Shanghai and Tokyo - these also offer diversification from the “standard” EU-US instruments.

Rant-on: overall my small investor’s dream is to have a one-stop-shop for most or all instruments. Currently I have to use my bank’s broker for PL equity, another broker for index and commodity trading, another for US and EU equity and yet another for oriental equities or options / futures. That’s insane and unmanageable so I decided to limit my options for now. Rant-off.


Welcome to the community @mjjc. We love having new people joining us.


Thank you! This helps :smiley:


it tells me just how ignorant am I about high finance:
When mjjc writes an answer, and I need to stop, re-read,and then wonder if there is a finance-english dictionary I could buy.
:joy: :thinking: :upside_down_face:


:blue_car: :wind_face:


Definitely Monsanto.
Large Indian generic drugs pharmaceutical manufacturers: Sun, Lupin, Sandoz.
More of large Agricultural Conglomerates: Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Deere etc.



For equity maybe some sharing economy stocks like Uber, Lyft or AirBnb would be a nice addition.
Car companies like General Motors, Volkswagen Group or Tesla.

For indices FTSE100, DAX or Euronext 100

For digital assets some privacy related one, like Monero or similar, so more market gets covered.


@Eva I’ll try to be more precise next time.
Also, if what I wrote sounded “expertly” that means I must be a pompous a* :laughing: because my trading knowledge is mediocre at best.


How is TSLA not in the current asset list for the manager!?


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