Ask a founder! 😇

Hello Pynk family :wave:

I hope you are all well?

Quick question for you…

If you could ask a Pynk founder (or another team member) any question, what would you ask?

Let us know in the comments, feel free to say if there is one particular person you’d like to ask :slight_smile:


Which of Pynk’s roadmap features for 2021/2022 are you most excited about and why?


This may be obvious to those who know me…will US residents ever be able to invest in Pynk? If so, when?


Hi founders,

Thank you for this chance…

When will we get to see more Asian presence in terms of predicting, fantasy manage or really manage ( in thesis portfolio ) like stocks and cryptos (matic) ? :smile:


Couple of questions in a different direction, maybe one of them is good haha
What is the trigger that made you say, yes I’m going to create Pynk?
How did the founders meet, I mean, do you know each other from waaay back?
Did Brexit and Covid make big investors more interested in Pynk?


Yes! @Al_Wallace

You are one individual; however, you say ‘let us know’…

That leads me to believe either—

  1. You are an advanced Cynernetic Being that operates in the Real World & a Virtual Simulated World, & functioning within or as a collective (i.e., something akin to Cyberdyne & Arnold meets the Borg from ST:TNG); OR,

  2. You are a Pynk Founder, One of at least More than One; OR,

  3. Possibly ~both.

Assuming #2 is the case, when you say ‘us,’ can you list all those you would then consider equal Co‐Founders of Pynk (respective yourself) & their Specific Roles?


Unfortunately, I am none of those @Omikron777 , but I have been mistaken for an A.I. in the past thanks to my first name :slightly_smiling_face:

Our founding team are:

Mark Little, Founder and COO
Seth Ward, Founder and CEO
Zack Yurtsever Founder, Head of Product and Growth
Philip Fletcher, Founder and Head of Trading at Thesis Portfolio

You may also like to ask something of Mark Borwick, or Pouneh Bligaard, who head up the Investment committee over at Thesis Portfolio.

Hope that helps.


Salute to this A TEAM :slight_smile:


What do you guys think of an “Ping Inactive Referrals” option in the manage your referrals tab?

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Thanks to everyone for all your questions here. We’ll be putting some of them forwards to our senior team and plan to make a series of videos. We’ll keep you posted as these get published.


Hello everyone :wave:

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

Thanks again to everyone for your amazing questions for our founders. Our team were asked “How would you explain Pynk to a five year old?”

We’ve got loads more to come. Our team answered a range of questions both on Pynk and Thesis Portfolio. Have another question? Feel free to ask!

Take care,