Announcing Pynk's, much anticipated, 2nd round of crowdfunding on FunderBeam! 🎉

Hello Pynksters :wave:

As you will no doubt remember, we recently conducted a poll within our community to gather thoughts on the next best step on our crowdfunding journey.

From this and from many discussions within team Pynk, we narrowed down to a few likely candidates and decided upon FunderBeam as the best fit for us and for our community.

It gives us enormous pleasure to announce we will be going live on FunderBeam on August 17th this year!

Some of you may be surprised that we are running a second crowdfund so soon after the close of our Seedrs round? Don’t worry, It was always our intention, as mentioned here and on Seedrs, to raise £2m across 2 separate convertible notes. This will give us the capital we need not only to upscale our business plans but to build a truly world-class, global investment portfolio and that’s good for us and good for our investors - we hope one day to be able to return our early-stage investors the kinds of returns investors in Monzo, Revolut and Freetrade are enjoying today

Sadly, we still won’t be able to accept investors from the US, Republic of North Korea, Yemen, Iraq, Iran or Libya :slightly_frowning_face: We will be exploring possible solutions to open crowdfunding US Pynksters next year.

If you’d like to know more about how to get involved in the crowdfunding, why we are doing a second crowdfund after our Seedrs raise or just want to know more, @Think_Pynk wrote a blog that will get you up to speed with everything you need to know!

We are sincerely looking forward to welcoming you onboard as an equity investor as soon as we go live on August 17th!



Yes…it must be beacuse you are good looking…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Awesome video AGAIN guys!!


Now more investors from different corner of the world will get the chance to invest at Pynk including our community members.This time I’m not gonna miss the chance, already signed up for early bird access.:star_struck: This global crowdfuding campaign on funderbeam will not only allow pynk to raise the funds but also the people around the globe will be aware about Pynk. :blush: So excited…


This is exciting news for Pynk! So happy to be part of this community and look forward to one day being able to invest! It’s nice to see the community input helped find the right investment platform. Congrats and best of luck!


This is very good News for all who are unable to invest in first crowdfunding through seedrs.


I signed up already. I am not taking any chances. Pynk is going global and want to be the one to join. This was kind of a surprise. It came earlier than I anticipated. Great job guys. Let’s get involved.


Great news @ZackofPynk, I got in the previous Seedrs campaign, and hopefully more pynksters will get on board!


Awesome! :star_struck: Great news for all Pynksters who could not invest in the first crowdfunding round on Seedrs…now they will have their chance.

Happy to see Pynk is growing at bigger steps. Btw…interesting video quite funny, informative and educative. You guys know how to make a sticky and funny promotional video!!! :laughing:


Second chance for those who missed out on Seedrs or who were not able to participate then!
I have no doubts that Pynk will manage to get enough fundind this year, especially after the first round :star_struck:


Who would say that the second round comes to fast… :champagne: :clap:
In Mark’s article, he mentioned that there will be an AMA session.
Where shall we send questions for this AMA?


Great video guys, I’m glad you were able to find another croudfunding platform which will be able to reach more of our community around the world. And I’m sure you’ll be able to smash this funding target as well.


What a cool video, I’m actually sipping a cup of coffee when I happened to watch the Pynk Commercial preview and I’m about to spit it out when Seth mentioned darn good-looking, because I can’t help but to laugh maybe I just didn’t expect that he would mention it for he seemed to be serious at first presenting the project but, yes they are indeed and I love the confidence… The right confidence that we all need to promote a great and one of a kind investment platform. I’m proud to be a crowd member and cheers for more exciting years to come for all us! I’m pretty confident too that the crowdfunding will have a positive outcome… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Quick update on the final stage of our crowdfunding round. :loudspeaker:

We will be live on FunderBeam for our pre-registered users on Friday at 14th and to the general public on Tuesday at 18th. Remember that the process of registration and verification takes some time and, as we are only running for 2 weeks this time, we’d recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.
(the minimum investment amount is £50)

We’re proud to be able to give even more Pynsters the chance to become shareholders in Londons hottest fintech and cant wait to have more of you onboard.

Thanks, as always, for the seemingly neverending support from you guys in our community!PynkCrowdfunding


Hello Zack, @ZackofPynk
How about the planned AMA session?
When it will be and where? Or have I missed anything?


Hello @Marek,

Thanks for asking, It’s not scheduled yet, we will announce when campaign goes live :+1:


What a news lovely😍 thank you soo much for this another chance


It is an opportunity for those who could not invest the first time using Seedrs. Now more inclusive, this chance will benefit both Pynk and Pynksters who want to invest. :pray:

Investing in private equity carries a high degree of risk. Please invest aware.


It’s a great way to spread the word and secure buy in and valuable insight and new perspective from around the globe. Contemplating investing again!


Hello @mg1pa1, nice to see you here! This community is growing and we need everyone to help spread the word. Come back often and share your thoughts…and don’t hesitate to invest again!!


Hello!!! :zap: :chart:
Congratulations pynksters => 2nd round of crowdfunding PYNK

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