(AMA) / Ask Me Anything Session - August 2020 (Funderbeam) 💻

Hello Pynksters! :fist_right::fist_left:

As promised, we will be hosting another live AMA session on Friday 28th August, 12:30 PM (GMT) with our special guests Fintech365. We wanted to give our awesome community and the Funderbeam investors the chance to put forward any questions that they would like to ask.

Please feel free to drop your question in the comments below and upvote the questions you like. We’ll pick some of the most popular ones for the panel to discuss!

Register here:


Question: what is your target audience and how do you plan to get them and keep them here?


Questions for the panel (which I already know the answer to but i think it’s important for investors to get clarity)

‘Could you explain why you are doing a second crowdfund so soon after the first one? and how will that affect investors in the original Seedrs round?’

(ditto for this one)

‘once the crowdfunding round is closed, could the tea explain what the funding will be used for and outline a little bit of the road-map for the coming months’


Why does funderbeam investor not list our country nepal, as i have filled my details they did not accept the National ID i have sent for verification?


Hello Shahaj,

I cannot answer questions on behalf on FunderBeam if there is an issue with your ID you would be best to raise that with them. My understanding is that FunderBeam do accept investors from Nepal. perhaps @moneybijay could offer you some advice on this one?


Hi @Shahaj Nepal’s national id is not a globally recognized document to verify the identity on different platforms. Instead of national id, you can try with the passport. With passport you can easily complete the verification process on the funderbeam, but you couldn’t do with the national id. Problem is not with the platform but with the document’s recognisability. Same here for Pynk too. To have the wps converted into the share, you need to verify the identity and passport is the one and only acceptable document for the people of Nepal. :wink:


thanks @moneybijay :slightly_smiling_face:


I had some softball questions in the first AMA. This time, not quite as much of a lob (and perhaps not completely relevant to the current stage, but important to me nonetheless).

2 Questions:

  1. What can the average US citizen do to increase the chances of fully participating specifically with Pynk?
  2. What do you know about the US political climate and it’s impacts on DeFi projects like Pynk? Are there bills in legislation that we can write to tell our congresspeople to support?

This waiting game is starting to eat at me :crazy_face:


AMA is live guys. You can join now. Interesting discussion over there.


Hi All,

In case you missed the AMA session earlier today, please see a recording of the video here:

We were joined by Pynk’s latest VC investor Rudolf Vrabel of 365.fintech. Take a listen to hear why he invested in Pynk and find out the latest from Seth and Ru on the investor wallet, Thesis portfolio, ESG investing and Pynk’s future roadmap. I also mentioned at the end that we are always looking for new talent in the Crowd to come and join us as one of Team Pynk, so if you see a job posting from us you think you can fulfil then please apply!

Apologies for those questions we did not have time to cover off, but hopefully you find the recording insightful. And thanks again to the new 105 investors via the Funderbeam crowdfunding campaign.


Hi. Damn, I missed the AMA again :neutral_face:. I’ve been predicting and support Pynk in every way possible for a while now. Although, I’m not a great with perditions, I won’t give up. My question is: what we are building is to something that financial companies can and should use as a service, and that’s where Pynk build value? Thank you very much. You guys are awesome. Greetings from Pynk Road :grinning:. Cheers


AMA was great! I didn’t get to see it live but I did watch the video! Exciting times for sure with Pynk​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: