All you need to know about Crowd Points? (CP)

Crowd Points are your earned activity points inside the Pynk ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system. To earn more CPs, you need to demonstrate that you are an active member of the Pynk Crowd.

Earning Crowd Points (CPs) maintains your status as a Pynkster. CP allocation is based on the consistency of effort and contribution to the Pynk Crowd. Pynksters works for each other, Staked CPs converts into WPs automatically by the system, which allows contributors to earn WPs.

Not logging in will result in a deduction of 150 CPs per day, we have to ensure each member of the Pynk family is making a positive contribution.

The good news is that earning CPs is easy. Even your Grandmother could do it (please invite her by the way:’). You will be rewarded CPs for almost every completed action. For example, each day you will earn 300 CPs just for logging in. Successful referrals are the best way to boost your CP earnings.

No. CP’s are the value you add to the Pynk ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system and are used to understand if you are making a positive contribution. They are not designed to be bought, sold or exchanged. However, since beta launch, every month most CP Stakers is getting rewarded by the system. TOP20 CP Stakers earns $10 USDC reward from team Pynk and their staked CPs generates the majority of WPs to be shared by all Pynksters.


Don’t forget :point_up: CPs reset at the begining of each month. So keep in mind two things around this:

  1. If you don’t use them, you lose them. Stake em!
  2. If you’re behind this month on the staking board, don’t worry. There is always next month to earn and stake more.

Happy Pynking!


Thanks @ZackofPynk for this. @Thewseph, I agree with you. Stake em all.

I like the tip. I didn’t know CPs reset at the end of every month

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I still have an extra 2800 CP this month … I can give it to someone) … well, or put 50% + ?! :laughing: as a new year bonus.


Welcome to the community @AMONTANA. Head over to the Introduce yourself! Page and tell us a little about yourself. Also check and read some of the other topics. There are many interesting discussions. Join the conversation.


Welcome @AMONTANA!! I am exploring more way to handle down the CPs.
One strategy I used so far is to stack few CPs for the daily prediction in the first days of the month and scale up as my CPs amount increases.

Another one is to stack them for the predicition heavily when i am feel more confident that my prediction hit the spot.

Usually i end up at the end of the month with more or less 4000 CP’s so i imagine i have to go heavier in the daily prediction %.

What about you guys? What is your stacking strategy to use them better, so to have very few CPs at the end of the month?

I am asking espcially to most experienced predictors than me like @ZackofPynk @Al_Wallace @deyner1984 @kaabayahaya @Thewseph.

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How do you reset CP at the end of the month?

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Hey @makowi, the system resets them at the end of each month. This means every month each crowd member starts on a level playing field


Hey @ZackofPynk, how come the CP reset appears in the future (~22:10) yet the points are already deducted (as of 15:04 GMT). I hope the screen below will make it clear what I mean.

Basically, I logged in around 15:00 UK time (my system time shown in the screenshot is CEST = UK+1hr) to find that my CPs were already reset. Curiously the transaction appears at 22:10 which hasn’t happened yet unless we consider Asian timezones which I suppose is not the case.
Just to be sure I predicted XAU and sure enough the CP transaction filed under correct UK time, 15:04.

Could you please share the mechanism behind that? Or is it a bug?

Since I can’t post images here’s the link:


Hello @mjjc :wave:

All Pynk timezone is about 18:00 UK time, So all actions take this as day end-start. CP resets are getting applied when you can start to predict anytime after then last months after 18:00 time…

In that case, admin entered a wrong date as description so it is a simple human error :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (this is still manual reset to prevent any time differences etc., double-checking each month) So I think you grabbed a 500 CP bug report reward with that, thanks a mil. :clap:


I think it happened again.

What is Stake CP? Why Stake CP is granted ?

I usually get Stake CP but I don’t know why it is achieving :joy:


Hello @maheswor CPs are explained at the top of this thread. Please have a read of that and hopefully all will be clearer :+1: