AI Stocks for the next 10 years

I know AI is in its early days but I strongly believe this will be a major major industry over the course of the next 10 years.

With that in mind I have been checking out a few interesting AI companies. C3AI is an enterprise software company founded by Tom Siebel ( the guy who invented CRM). It seems pretty comprehensive and acts as a platform for AI.

Whether it can become the main platform for the AI era is open to question but my gut feeling is that it is a contender.

Another stock that looks set to list next year is UIPath. Its primary focus is on the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) side of things. It looks likely that it will sweep away a lot of the world’s admin jobs over the next decade. Backed by Sequoia, it is the fastest growing software company in America.

Microsoft and GPT-3

Perhaps the most exciting AI project in the world right now is happenning at Openai. GPT-3 is a language prediction model that is capable of doing some pretty mind blowing things. Potentially even eliminating the need for blog writers, copywriters and journalists. This blog gives an eye opening insight into this revolutionary technology. Microsoft has the license for all software developed from GPT-3 so looks to be in a very strong position.

AI web dev

Web dev is constantly evolving but a couple of interesting companies to look out for are Retool and Unquark.

These both have been very popular in America with Retool gaining growing plaudits among the dev community and Unquark a big winner with unskilled developers. While not strictly AI at the moment, the potential for AI in web dev is pretty revolutionary. Essentially it will allow any amateur to build software and websites in days rather than months. Debuild have shown what the technology can do. It would be interesting if any web devs have any views on this. Do you believe AI will end the need for developers?


Great article @anthony. I’m not even close to being a web developer, but from the reading I have done, it will be a while (maybe 2040) before AI completely takes the place of developers. I guess that isn’t so far away because most of us will see it in our lifetime.

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