Action Feed - What do you think?

Hi all!
We’ve heard from some of you that the home page has potential to be improved and is not very exciting. And we agree!

At the same time we are also working on ways so that you can get to your favorite activities within the app quicker. Because we are not in the game of making you stick around longer than necessary. Our thinking is, if it’s super easy for users to contribute to the community, more people will do so.

Therefore, we are working on something called the action feed. It’s a steady stream of the activities you love most at Pynk. Each “action card” has one clear activity such as answering a forecasting question or making your gold prediction.

Think of it as the Facebook newsfeed or Instagram feed but without the mindless scrolling and more real and exciting actions.

Here are more technical elements to the action feed:

  • Each action card has one defined action and one set of button(s)
  • Each action card shows you clearly how much Wisdom Points it is worth to do
  • Each action card should not take longer than 3 seconds to execute so you can move on
  • At the beginning the action feed will be the same for everyone, but over time we will have customization options so you only see what’s most important to you.

Here are some screens of the feed and action cards:

What are your thoughts and feedback? What could we also do with the action feed? What type of actions could we integrate? What elements of the current home page should we keep?


Would be good to have a feature where you could select favourite stock of the day/week.


that’s a nice shout @anthony, I like that. :slight_smile:

What’s your favourite of the week? gotta be Pfizer, right?


The log in process has gotten longer with the last two updates. I believe someone else mentioned this when we were testing. Ideally, we should be able to stay logged in.


Yes for sure Pfizer looks in a strong position along with BioNtech.


I agree. Login seems to be timing out more frequently, loading times have slowed (…that is…from the US, via both AT&T, & Mediacom - it probably has something to do w all this stuff …the crazy stuff…that seems to be happening domestically; …could be weather related too…maybe…? …Probably not…).


Action cards are great idea to make homepage more dynamic :+1:t3:

Weekly challenge looks veeery interesting :face_with_monocle: haha
Maybe an action card with weekly topic or some other featured topic would be a nice addition.

From current home page I like leaderboard sections, it’s easy to see all results in one place.
Closing predictions section is also very useful and fund manager.


It seems to be another great and original idea to involve poeple!!
Wow…you are pretty skilled in this guys…congratulations! :rocket:

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