Action feed reward cards - What do you prefer?

Hey everyone!

Exciting things to come and I wanted to ask for your opinion on something as you always give the best feedback.

In an upcoming release, we are introducing a new home page called the Action Feed which will have all sorts of new features to keep you entertained.

Part of this new feature is result cards. When you predict the Crowd Average or answer certain questions, you are presented with the results of what others have answered so you can see how you have compared to the Crowd.

What we want to know is when presented with these results cards, would you like them to time out after a few seconds and disappear, or swipe them left once you have read the card in your own time.

Here are some cards to give you an idea :smile:

Let us know which way you would like to deal with the results cards.


UX/UI Designer


Swipe them left or an escape symbol :ok_hand:


+1 for swiping / escaping - anything other than timing out, please.


Personally, I like the swipe!


I agree with the other comments here, swiping left to clear the results card will be a far better option. Timing out can be a little frustrating if your attention shifts temporary due to something around you, then you’ve lost the results you may have wanted to compare :man_shrugging:


Yeah guys…i’d exclude the timing out option and I like very much the idea of swiping out too!! Gogogogooooo :grin::grin:


@mosigman @Tradelta @stackem @PynkIan @Omikron777 Thank you for your feedback! It’s a unanimous decision here and it will be passed back to product.

Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.

UX/UI Designer


Not sure if this is the right place to mention it @Daryl, the "Quick Predict"on the home page is definitely my biggest bugbear on the app.

I think it was added because a pynkster complained how it took several button presses to access the prediction page before the new look UI.

It really irritates when just wanting the home page stats, like leader board etc, having to scroll through the “quick predicts”.

It clutters the home page in my view, and it’s only one click away from prediction page normally anyhow.

Just my two cents worth on this minor point :grin:

Great work otherwise though guys :star_struck:

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