Action Feed is live! It's Pynk, only faster! πŸš€

Thank you @Al_Wallace and @KarenM appreciated!! Slowly but surely I will sort all this shitty stuff out! I’ll try to be more β€œin the zone” :joy::joy::joy:


I am so glad that you dropped in, Tradelta, like others, I was wondering if all is well in your world and I am sure that that you will (sort shitty stuff out). Eva


Hello Pynksters!

As a special pre-Investor Wallet launch treat, we launched the action feed this week and we couldn’t be happier with the overall result. Nearly 90% of you voted the action feed as β€˜good’ or higher and our launch went better than we could have hoped for. Thanks to the one or two users who reported some minor bugs, as always your assistance is hugely appreciated - you never let us down! :blush:

After an initial Wisdom Points boost in the first week as an extra special thank you to all our loyal users. At the end of this week, we will finish the early bird promotion and WP rewards will be reverted to their standard rate of 200 WP’s per forecast question.

Thanks again for your support from all of Team Pynk! Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions below. As always, we cannot wait to hear what you have to say!

Stay safe, :v:


Update is really on point!
I’m sure it’s already making people check the app more often and give Rose their predictions.


It’s definitely more user friendly! Everything is right there on the page. Some people may not have been aware of all the features before, but it’s all there, easy to see now. Great job! Love it!


Rumour has it that this is the ACTUAL office footage of action feed development!

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