A top level view of Pynk

So I guess we need to explain at the top level before getting into detail.

Pynk is here to help people everywhere to gain investing superpowers.

We do that by making it fun to learn, teach, help each other and to create new positive, ethical, sustainable investment habits.

And we’ve built some clever tech to achieve that.

We call it ‘social investing’ and it’s made up of all kinds of things including…

  • Learning
  • Community
  • Investing

And we combine three forms of intelligence to make smart collective investment decisions…

  1. Wisdom of Crowds
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Expert Insight

We’ll get into more detail on those later but essentially we use the most powerful aspects of those three forms of intelligence to reduce risk and increase our chances of making good investments.

And pretty much everything you do within Pynk has a big impact. And it helps you earn money - along with all of us.


You can use Pynk any way you wish.

It’s very early days but in the next few weeks you’re already able to…

Just Invest
Maybe you don’t currently have time to learn much about investing or get involved predicting what’s going to happen. That’s fine - we’ll soon be launching our investment features meaning you can just invest your money and benefit from the safe, sustainable, diversified investment system we’ve built.

Predict, Learn & Earn
If you don’t want to invest money, you can instead earn by contributing to our investment decision-making. Head over to beta.pynk.io and start answering quick questions whenever you have time. We’ll reward you with points every time you do - and if you turn out to be accurate, you’ll earn even more. Every quarter those points can be turned into shares in our fund - the same shares people buy when they invest their money. You’ll be increasing your financial intelligence as well as increasing your bank balance.

Help Build Pynk
Starting with this community right here, we’re putting together an ecosystem where we help each other - to learn, predict and invest. You can tell us how to build Pynk so it really helps you. Long term, we’ll be doing so much more - you’ll be able to complete fun missions that increase the collective intelligence of all Pynksters while earning you financial rewards. You’ll be able to help us invest into ‘tech for good’ startups that will change the world. You’ll even be able to work together to create our own startups that solve big problems.

So no matter how much time you have; how much money you want to invest; and how expert or inexperienced you are when it comes to technology, startups, investment and business… you can get involved and really make a difference.


Great summary of the investment options and they ways Pynksters can get involved Seth. Thank you.

I also think it’s important to point out that we all benefit from the success of Pynk so it’s always great to see people getting out there and blogging, vlogging and supporting Pynk in their own ways.

Don’t be shy and remember to share! :sunglasses::+1:


Superb summary. Thanks Seth. Based on the philosophy of Pynk, the success of Pynk translates into the success of the crowd. For those new to this, education is key.

Thanks Seth, for the wisdom shared with the crowd.


Education is definitely key, a central tenet for Pynk in fighting financial discrimination. It’s exciting to see that we are already seeing Pynksters becoming super-predictors. This learning by doing, in a risk free environment, is unique and FUN! Whoever thought finance could be fun:) So as we build out various offerings and Pynk brings new products to market - Pynksters can become super-predictors and super-investors across asset classes…


That’s what’s so nice about Pynk. We are all from different areas, backgrounds, education and income levels, yet we are all ONE in this community. We are able to participate in several ways and as much or little as we choose. Looking forward to more great things with Pynk!


I think the thing that I really love about Pynk is that it’s not only creating a pathway towards financial independence for people with fewer options but it’s also doing it in a really fun and engaging way. I honestly don’t think there is another product on the market quite like it. :unicorn:

It’s certainly what keeps me predicting every day. What do you guys think? What keeps you hooked on Pynk? :nerd_face:


Hi Al! To me too, as for you, it is for sure the prediction game plus the reward!! This 2 factors makes it all unique in its own gender. TOP!


Can’t wait for Academy part of Pynk, hope I can contribute there somehow :smiley:


We all waiting patiently :fire:


Day by day i am starting to gain some information that this fintech not only giving future finanse freedom but also knowlage that is compulsory for all investors , I am confident your startup will be number one globally​:clap::clap::clap::clap::+1::pray: