0% Fee Investing! So how exactly will Pynk make money? 🤔

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Here is the new update from team Pynk, for those who want to know How 0% fees work? or is “free” is actually free or just a marketing gimmick? Please check out @Think_Pynk’s new blog on medium and please comment your questions/suggestions even better Ideas! :bulb:

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I absolutely love your plan, can’t wait to see it unfold :partying_face:


Great plan! I love that we have the option for 0% fees simply by doing what we love doing anyway!


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0% investment I like!


I have some questions about one of the prospective revenue streams listed in the article @ZackofPynk @Think_Pynk :nerd_face: (see quote below).

  1. We may build and manage white label Crowd Wisdom products for Financial Institutions and big business. These companies have tens of thousands of employees, inside of which there is significant untapped potential. Management teams that want to unlock the potential inside these Crowds come to us and we build customised products.

If I understand this line right, Pynk envisions helping financial institutions to generate additional value from their employees by having them make predictions on various assets which result in the creation of dedicated financial products which resemble investment funds. This ought to allow companies to leverage employees’ knowledge further by opening up these investment-fund-like products to institutional and retail investors. Did I understand this right?

Assuming my understanding is appropriate, are there existing channels to allow for this interaction to take place between Pynk, financial institutions and investors in these assets? Is there a bottlecap imposed by cost or capacity constraints that you envision when creating this income stream? If such channels do not exist yet, do financial institutions show interest in engaging in a partnership under this format?

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Hi @RazvanPaun - yes we envision helping financial institutions unlock the power of Crowd Wisdom to generate insight from their employees and we have already been approached by a large player on this. Our view is we should do it if means can support us getting to our vision of a 0% fee (free) managed investment portfolio for everyday investors worldwide that delivers meaningful returns, and redistribute value to Pynksters in the process. We have to be a little careful - since as early stage startup we have limited resource today, it cannot be a distraction from the core of what we are doing - so our approach would be to to have them utilise what we currently have (as much as possible). For that reason, we do not envisage helping them set up a Crowd Wisdom powered investment product - this will remain the core focus of Pynk. These Financial Institutions want to use Crowd Wisdom to gain insight into other areas of their businesses. So for example, they might want to be able to forecast the future price of oil - which in turn helps their corporate clients in planning processes (this is one example of many). While we have received some interest on this front, these channels are B2B and so not obviously ‘scaleable’ but over time we will understand better. Hope that’s clear…


Thank you for your answers. I enjoy getting to know the business model to get a deeper sense of Pynk’s endeavours. It’s clearer to me now and I am glad that the focus remains on scalable business initiatives to begin with.

Also, I am glad that the focus of the crowd wisdom model remains in-house. The prospect of leveraging the knowledge and skill set of employees from financial institutions across the globe is attractive and would be invaluable for Rose - I like that and I find it’s well thought through.

Taking the oil example further to get a better understanding of the target audience, are you pursuing to offer the output of crowd wisdom predictions to specialised investors (e.g. giving oil predictions to commodities trading houses such as Glencore) or to general investors (i.e. who invest in several financial assets)? :smile:

Still learning about Pynk, so will be shooting questions here and there. :grin:


“The prospect of leveraging the knowledge and skill set of employees from financial institutions across the globe is attractive and would be invaluable for Rose - I like that and I find it’s well thought through” - on this point, our clear intention would be to reverse feed the employees predictions and forecasts into our system, so that data feeds Rose AI also - and benefits us.

With regards to offering Crowd Wisdom predictions to specialised investors - potentially yes but we would want to check said investor was deemed as a ‘bad player’ (i.e. contributed to consumption of fossil fuels harming the environment) then that would be against our principles and we would not do so. FX pairs is another example that we know corporates would want to understand (helps them in making planning decisions) - think of all the uncertainty around Brexit for UK companies. In addition, there are many asset class predictions we can use for good e.g. med tech stocks

Keep shooting those questions @RazvanPaun :love_you_gesture:


I’m glad to hear you are taking a strong stance on ethical investing. Looking at the core values of Pynk, I am eager to see the community thrive in its endeavours :mage:t3: and maybe provide some valuable contributions of my own along the way.

It would be great to see the most effective organisational structure for the Crowd. I see it going two ways, either having a pool of generalists that make predictions across all assets or specialist predictors. Maybe you have it figured out. I remember reading something about envisioning focus groups. I am yet to read the Pynk paper. I am sure many concepts will become clearer once I do.

Will do @Think_Pynk :man_cartwheeling:t3: !


Ethical investing is right up there with inclusiveness with the Pynk ethos @RazvanPaun - I think probably the number one reason most of us are here :muscle:

A book called Superforecasting by Phillip Tetlock & Dan Gardner might be a worth a read for you mate, gives a good over view using Wisdom of the Crowd and how the Crowd may be structured to get the best possible outcomes of their predictions. :face_with_monocle:


Undoubtedly interesting! I shall dive deeper into the subject of wisdom of the crowd given the free time I have on my hands, each step at a time. Thank you for your suggestion!