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Pynk Chat

General chat about whole Pynk ecosystem: from daily predictions to long term forecasts…Do you have any doubts or questions? Give us a shot, we are here for you!!!

For Investors

Find out all you need to know about investing with Pynk

Understanding Finance

Building a financial future starts with financial education. Knowledge is power!

How Pynk works

Yes, we know. Understanding Pynk can be a little complicated at first. Read on to become an expert Pynkster quicker than you can say ‘decentralised autonomous crowd powered tech cooperative’

Help build Pynk

This is your chance to make, build and shape the future of Pynk so it becomes what you want it to. Power to the people, man


There’s more to life than building a global financial movement (apparently!). Lighten up your lunch break here

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Tell us what do you think about this forum: any ideas, suggestions or bugs reports will be very welcome.